Latest features and updates to Zoho Checkout - April 2017

Latest features and updates to Zoho Checkout - April 2017

Hello everyone,


We're glad to be presenting the latest updates in Zoho Checkout for the month of April. We've added an extensive set of features and integrations to enhance the overall usability of the product. Let's quickly take a look at what's in store! :)


Enter quantity at checkout.

You can now enable quantity on your payment pages and allow customers to enter the preferred quantity at checkout. This can be particularly useful for retail or e-commerce businesses who would want to associate quantity to their payment amount at checkout.


The quick process to enable quantity on your payment pages can be done in the following way:

  1. Go to Settings ->Templates. In the Template Customization menu, expand the Amount Details section.

  2. Check the "Make quantity editable" box and hit Save.

      3. For the quantity field to show up on your invoices, go to  Settings ->   Preferences  and                 under the  Quantity  section, check the " Display quantity on your invoices " box.

Zoho Campaigns integration.

Integrate Zoho Checkout with Zoho Campaigns and automatically add your payee/ subscriber contact details to your Zoho Campaigns mailing lists. Find in-depth information about this integration here. This way, running successful email campaigns is an absolute breeze.

Adding multiple users to your organization.

This much-requested feature is up and running now. You will be able to add multiple user email addresses to your Zoho Checkout org, and you can also mark an email as the primary contact. All merchant emails regarding customer payment success etc. will be delivered to the primary contact's address. To find out how to add users, visit this link. The process of making a user a primary contact is described here.


The number of users that can be added to your organization is based on the pricing plan you're using. The free plan supports a total of 1 user per org. With the standard $9 plan, you can add an additional 2 users and with the Professional $29 plan, you can add unlimited additional users.


Exporting of payment reports.

You will now be able to download your different payment reports in Zoho Checkout as a CSV or Excel file. Our reports range from successful and failed payments to customer contact details. Learn more.


Give these features a shot and let us know what you think. You can always write to support[at]zohocheckout[dot]com for any queries or concerns. :)




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