Launching TrainerCentral: A powerful new training platform

Launching TrainerCentral: A powerful new training platform

Hello ShowTime users,


We're thrilled to introduce a new and more advanced platform called TrainerCentral to make your training experience better than ever. TrainerCentral is designed with all of ShowTime's capabilities but also offers a plethora of new features.


Now, ShowTime will make way for TrainerCentral and will no longer be a part of the Zoho product suite. Instead, we are launching TrainerCentral as a separate brand positioned exclusively for trainers and course creators. Our vision to give trainers an all-in-one solution requires laser sharp focus to bring the right set of tools. Our target users are fundamentally different from the broad customer segment using Zoho's business software. We believe we can best serve our users through a dedicated brand.


To that end, we've built TrainerCentral with a comprehensive course-building toolkit—including a website builder, payments system, and multiple options to create online courses. This will fully empower trainers, teachers, and experts from all spheres to share their knowledge, nurture their own learning communities, and build a livelihood around their passion.


TrainerCentral vs ShowTime


While ShowTime provides a platform to host live virtual training sessions, webinars and web-conferences, TrainerCentral offers everything you need to run a successful training business. With TrainerCentral, you can not only deliver live workshops to hundreds of remote learners but also create and sell engaging online courses. TrainerCentral's multi-modal training delivery formats open up exceptional possibilities to share your knowledge, reach more learners, and generate income.


A snapshot of TrainerCentral features


Establish your training brand: Create a website with a personalized URL, add your brand elements, and publish your courses.


Create engaging online courses: Build a comprehensive curriculum around your expertise, host live online workshops to train your remote learners, and evaluate their knowledge through polls and graded quizzes.    


Promote your courses and generate revenue: Use the built-in marketing tools to promote your courses and reach more learners around the world. Configure flexible pricing options for your courses and accept payments in multiple currencies.  


Build a dedicated learning community: Give your learners a secured portal where they can access their courses and track their progress. Offer a place for them to brainstorm and exchange ideas with peers in the discussion forum.  


Easily manage your training business: Scale your training team by bringing them onto a single platform and make data-driven business decisions using robust analytics.


What will happen to the existing users of ShowTime?

Existing users across all ShowTime plans, as well as users of Zoho One, can continue using ShowTime as always. We're setting up a smooth migration process to help you move all your data from ShowTime to TrainerCentral. You can then seamlessly continue to deliver all your trainings from TrainerCentral using your existing Zoho (ShowTime) log-in credentials. We're planning to offer the one-click migration by October 7th, 2021.


Meanwhile, if you're interested in checking out TrainerCentral and playing around with the new features, please contact our support team. We'll set you up with a 15-day free trial to TrainerCentral.


We'll be sharing more details about the migration in the same post on or before October 7th, 2021.


Hope you take your training experience a level up with TrainerCentral. We can't wait to have you aboard.


If you have any questions, take a look at the FAQ section below, reach out to us at, or just leave a comment here.  




1. I am a current Zoho ShowTime customer. Should I expect to pay more for TrainerCentral?

Although TrainerCentral is a separate brand, existing customers of Zoho ShowTime will be migrated to TrainerCentral without any additional cost. Once we have the migration plan ready, we will be happy to help all our ShowTime users through this transition.


2. I am a ShowTime user and use ShowTime within my Zoho One suite. Will I continue to have a single login with TrainerCentral?

Yes, your existing account credentials with Zoho (whether for ShowTime or Zoho One) can be used to access TrainerCentral. You do not have to create a TrainerCentral account separately.

3. I am a Zoho One user and use ShowTime within my Zoho One suite. Should I expect to pay more for TrainerCentral?

Existing  Zoho One customers, using ShowTime within their Zoho One suite, will also be migrated to TrainerCentral without any additional cost. TrainerCentral will be offered as part of their Zoho One subscription as long as they are subscribed to their existing Zoho One account.

4. Can new users sign up for ShowTime?

ShowTime is now making way for TrainerCentral, therefore new users can directly sign up for TrainerCentral. Starting today, ShowTime will no longer be available for new sign ups.


5. What about new users of Zoho One?

New users signing up for Zoho One after Wed, 1 Sep, 2021, will not find ShowTime as part of their app bundle. TrainerCentral, being a separate brand, will not be offered within Zoho One. They can subscribe to TrainerCentral independently.

Note: If you're an existing Zoho One subscriber, you'll be provided with a smooth migration process to move all your ShowTime data to TrainerCentral, at no additional cost. 


Thank you!


Hello all,

Here's an update about the Zoho ShowTime - TrainerCentral migration


For ShowTime users:

We appreciate your patience in waiting for the migration. We’re now ready with the migration set up. The existing ShowTime users can now migrate their ShowTime data to TrainerCentral by writing to Our customer success team will reach out to you and help you through the migration process.

We're also working on a one-click migration option and this will be ready by November 01, 2021. You can then quickly move all your ShowTime data to TrainerCentral directly through the in-app migration button.

We apologise for the delay.
For Zoho One users:
The on-request migration is ready for the Zoho One users too. However, we have kept it on hold, since the Zoho One team is working to make this migration more seamless. Once the process is completed, users who signed up for Zoho One before September 01, 2021 will find TrainerCentral available as an app within the Zoho One dashboard, replacing ShowTime. Users can access their TrainerCentral Academy right from their Zoho One Dashboard. We’ll start the migration process for the Zoho One users by the second week of November 2021. Please bear with us until then.

Thank you for your support.


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