Layout rules is now supported in Zoho Desk mobile app

Layout rules is now supported in Zoho Desk mobile app

Hello Everyone!

This is to all those who were looking for clutter free layout in the Zoho Desk mobile app. I am glad to announce that we have brought in support for the 'Layout Rules' feature in the mobile app now.

You can create layout rules from the desktop site ( and the same will be reflected in the mobile app.

To create a layout rule:

1. Go to desktop site (

2. Click the Setup icon at the top bar.

3. Click 'Layouts and Fields' under 'Customization'.

4. Click the Layout Rules under the 'Layouts and Fields' sub-menu.

5. In the Layout Rules page, select the desired module and the department (when more than one exists) from the drop-down menu.

6. Click Create Rule in the upper-right area.

7. In the Create Layout Rule pop-up window, do the following:

1. Enter a name for the rule.

2. Describe the rule.

3. Choose a primary field that controls this rule. Example, Service name.

4. Choose a condition to initiate the rule. For example, the 'Service name' is Zoho Desk.

5. Click Next.

8. In the Layout Rule Editor, the condition specified is pre-populated. So, click Trigger an action.

9. Choose from the list of actions. Example, Show Fields.

10. In the Create Action panel, specify the field to be shown. In this scenario, Issue type field.You can specify further conditions and actions as required. Example, Show Sections and Set Mandatory Fields.

11. Click Done on the right panel.

12. Click Save.

Please refer to the screenshots attached below for better understanding:

Using the layout rules, you can trigger the below mentioned actions when the rule criteria are met from within the Zoho Desk mobile app. 

* Show fields 

* Show sections 

* Set mandatory fields

There are three actions that can be triggered when layout rule criteria are met. 

1. Show Fields: Choose this action when you want specific fields to be shown

2. Shw Sections: Choose this action when you want specific sections to be shown

3. Set Mandatory Fields: Choose this action when you want to make a few fields mandatory. 


- This feature is available only in the Enterprise edition.

- You can create a maximum of 10 layout rules per department.

In Mobile app:

Upon creating the layout rule on the desktop site, please carry out a 'Refresh Portal Metadata' from within the Zoho Desk mobile app settings, for the layout rule added on the desktop site to reflect on the mobile app.

You can carry out a 'Refresh Portal Metadata' by following the steps mentioned below: 

* Go to Zoho Desk mobile app.

* Settings.

* Refresh Portal Metadata. 

Please refer to the example below of how the layout rules functions in the Zoho Desk mobile app along with the screenshots. 

* When the 'Service Name' field is none, certain fields will not be displayed in the app.

* When the 'Service Name' field is filled in with the value 'Zoho Desk', the below actions will be triggered. 

Mandatory Field: Ticket Type.

Show fields: Issue, Question, Feature request.

Show section: Additional section.

Do try out the feature and share your feedback in the comments section!

Sri Priya. R.K

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