LET, IMAGE, and two other functions to make things simpler

LET, IMAGE, and two other functions to make things simpler

Zoho Sheet supports more than 400 functions to help you perform mathematical, financial, and other analytical operations. Now, we're adding four new functions to help you build spreadsheets that are more self-explanatory, more reliable, and most importantly, simpler. 

1. LET

Complex levels of computation can make it difficult to read a function or troubleshoot it if it were to hit an error. LET function assigns names to calculation results and helps you handle multiple computed variables easily, all in the same function. The LET function saves a lot of time and effort and makes it easy to understand computations.

Here's an example of the LET function:
Let's say at your organization, every sales rep got 10% commission on their sales revenue and you want to calculate the net sales revenue after commission for Mark, one of your sales representatives. This is how you'd have to do it:
Without the LET function, 
With the LET function,

As you can see, the LET function lets you name each variable you'll have to use to calculate the revenue after commission and does not repeat calculations like in the previous version of the function, thus saving time and making the formula a lot easier to understand.


Zoho Sheet recently introduced the image in cell feature, which allows you to insert images into your cells rather than over them. You can use the =IMAGE() function to insert images into cells as well. Simply add the URL of the image you want to add and specify the mode of fit you want for the image, and you'll have the image in the formula cell! This function means the images are dynamic and will change automatically with a change made to the URL in the formula.


SPLIT is an antidote to functions like TEXTJOIN and CONCATENATE, meaning you will be able to separate a text string in one cell into different parts spread across adjacent cells in that row based on the delimiter you specify. 


NA is a common error that spreadsheet functions throw, and it means that there are no valid results for the formula throwing the error. For instance, a COUNTIF function set to count all cells with the value "Mark" in a range will throw an NA error if there are no cells with "Mark" in the specified range. However, an NA error does make it look like an error.

To help avoid this confusion, we introduce the IFNA function. With your functions nested inside an IFNA function, you can specify what you want displayed as the result if the nested function hits an NA error.
We hope these new functions are useful! Give them a try and let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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