List View just got a makeover!

List View just got a makeover!

Hello everyone,

The new list view is being rolled out in phases and will be available to all our users by the end of January 2021.

We are excited to announce that the list view in modules is set to get a new look. The new list view is sleek, contextual, and useful. It focuses on helping users to address their day-to-day needs and get things done faster with enhanced navigation.

Check out this video to see what is in store.
Note: The tags shown in the video are WIP. They will be available soon.

Take a look at these enhancements that made the list view more useful. Here are the detailed explanations of each enhancement for your reference.

Introducing an option to expand and collapse filters
In the list and Kanban views, the Filter panel can be hidden by clicking the Filter icon. The section will be minimized to provide a clearer and broader view.

Introducing default search box
Previously, the search box was available by clicking the search icon. It will now be displayed by default in the filter panel for quick access.

Introducing new categories in the Filter panel
The Filter panel is now categorized into three sections:
  • System defined: Filter records based on parameters like touched records, untouched records, related lists, activities, etc.
  • Website activity: Filter records based on parameters like chats, browser, search engine, etc. This section only appears when SalesIQ is enabled.
  • Filter by fields: Filter records based on the fields in the module.

These categories can be collapsed and expanded by clicking on the respective category.

Displaying filter and sorting summary
The criteria used for filtering and sorting records will be captured and displayed at the top to give a clearer picture of what is being shown.

Introducing an icon to switch between module views
Previously, separate icons were displayed for the list, Kanban, and canvas views. Now, they are grouped together in a dropdown.

Repositioning of pagination details
The total number of records in a module and the per page record count are now displayed at the top of the page instead of the bottom.

Repositioning the alphabetical sorting option
Previously, the option to sort alphabetically was displayed next to the More icon. It has now been moved next to [Module] Name and Last Name for easier access.

Repositioning the Add Column icon
Previously, the Add Column icon was next to the label header in the top-left corner.It has now been moved to the right-side under the All dropdown. The icon has been renamed Manage Column for clarity.

Sorting numeric fields
Previously, numeric fields were sorted using the 'Asc' and 'Desc' options, which have now been changed to '0-9' and '9-0'.

Grouping the Record Import and Create buttons
The create record icon (+) and Import button are now grouped under the Create (Module name) option. You can click on this option to either create or import a record. The More icon has now been renamed to Actions for more clarity.

Resizing column width
The column widths in the list view can be adjusted as required.

Fixed checkbox and the first column in list view
The checkbox to select records from the list view and the first column have been fixed for horizontal scrolling to facilitate quick access to the records and clear navigation.

Introducing Wrap text and Clip text options
In list view, the Wrap Text option will be available by default to provide proper text alignment for the records. Clip Text will also be available to display records in a more compact way. Users can switch between Clip Text and Wrap Text in the Manage Column section.

Redesigned icons
The icons(search, notification, add record, calendar, email and setup) on the top panel have been redesigned.

We will continue to make updates and improvements to the UI. Our goal is to provide clean, focused, and efficient design that will make your salespeople's lives easier.

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