Migrate to new Topic Management and CRM sync setup by September 30

Migrate to new Topic Management and CRM sync setup by September 30

Zoho Campaigns introduced a couple of feature updates last year, including advanced Topic Management setup and an updated Campaigns-CRM sync. Our users had a year's time to understand the changes and implement them.
We are inching towards the deadline and the last day to migrate to both new setups is September 30, 2022. For those who are unable to migrate by then, a pop-up will appear on the dashboard. You can either choose to migrate immediately or choose the option to extend the migration date till October 31, 2022. We assure you that, at no point you will be forced to migrate. 

The migration process is easy and it takes only a couple of steps. 

Topic Management setup
The migration is mandatory and we request you to implement it immediately. The process is fairly simple: 
  • To migrate to the new Topic Management, all you have to do is  go to Zoho Campaigns' dashboard, click on Contacts tab>>Topics >>Click Migrate.
(Note: If you run an e-commerce business and have connected more than one e-commerce store, you can only migrate one store at a time as we will not support multiple e-commerce stores moving forward. You will have to create a separate account if you wish to connect your other e-commerce store with Zoho Campaigns)
Updated CRM sync
This update was introduced to simplify the flow of data between Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns. 
Follow the simple steps to update your CRM sync.
  • Go to Zoho Campaigns dashboard, click on Contacts tab >>Sync services >>Migrate.
(In case if you have connected multiple Zoho CRM accounts, then you can only migrate to one Zoho CRM account as we do not support syncing contacts from multiple Zoho CRM accounts moving forward. We only support one brand in Zoho Campaigns. To connect your other CRM account with Zoho Campaigns, you will have to create a separate account )
We'd like to reiterate that the migration process is simple and will take only a few seconds. However, feel free to reach out to support@zohocampaigns.com in case of any queries or doubts. 
(Note: We are extending the deadline dates for Zoho One customers who have enabled the Shared Account model till the new version of Marketing Automation is live. The dates will be announced soon.)

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