Navigating email templates just got a lot easier!

Navigating email templates just got a lot easier!

Email templates are incredibly useful to agents who deal with a large volume of tickets every day. They enable agents to deliver help quickly, while setting the right tone and maintaining personalized communication. 

If your support team uses email templates extensively in Zoho Desk, you will have found that agents have to navigate a long list of templates to find the right one. We realized that this process could be much smoother for your agents with a little refinement to Zoho Desk. That's why we've introduced some brand-new features to help you deliver even better customer service! Here they are:

  • Better Navigation: Up until now, email templates have appeared as a dropdown menu from the Reply Editor. Well, not anymore! Now, when you click on Email Templates, a new tab opens up on the right side of the screen where you can view the entire list of templates more clearly. The templates are organized into folders, which makes navigating to the right one, a lot easier. Moreover, you can preview a template as well! 

  • Quicker Access: Agents can now select frequently used email templates and add them to their Starred Templates list. The selection and order of the templates is agent-specific, and each agent can define it for their account. By giving agents a way to access email templates easily, you can fast-track responses to customers and boost agent productivity. 

  • Hassle-free Replies: Every time an agent hits Reply, a Default Template will now be auto-populated in the Reply Editor. Each agent can choose a default template for their account. When selected, it automatically gets added to the end of the agent's Starred Templates list. The agent is free to make changes to the order of the Default Template within the list of Starred Templates.

Searching for a template
Adding a template to your Starred Templates list or setting it as the Default Template
Previewing a template before selecting it

We hope that these small, yet significant enhancements will help you and your team provide quicker and better customer service. If you have any questions about this post, please add them in the comments section below, or email our team at

Happy Ticketing!


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