Navigating through the journey of Creating Email Validation for Zoho CRM

Navigating through the journey of Creating Email Validation for Zoho CRM

For businesses relying on customer relationship management (CRM) systems like Zoho CRM, inefficient processes can lead to significant time wastage, especially when dealing with fake email addresses. In this blog, we'll delve into the thought process, steps, challenges, and solutions encountered while developing an extension designed to
validate email addresses in real-time within Zoho CRM.

The journey began with a critical observation - fake email addresses were not just a minor inconvenience, they were causing tangible setbacks in sales processes.

Sales teams were wasting valuable time reaching out to non-existent or inactive email accounts. The need for a solution that could validate and verify email addresses in real- time within Zoho CRM became evident.

The primary objective was to enhance productivity by minimizing the time spent on unproductive outreach. The extension would need to integrate with Zoho CRM seamlessly, providing instant validation and verification of email addresses to improve conversion rates.

The steps followed to create the application were as given in the Zoho extension documentation, the documents were clear and to the point and helped us create the extension.

Challenges Faced and Solutions Found
1. Limited Documentation:  Extensive research and direct communication with the Zoho development
community helped fill in the gaps in documentation.

2. Platform Limitations: Adapting to platform limitations involved creative problem-solving and
finding workarounds within the constraints.

3.Learning Deluge Script: Overcoming the learning curve of Zoho CRM's scripting language, Deluge Script, required dedicated time for skill development.

4.Integration Complexity: Thorough testing and collaboration with Zoho CRM's support team helped
overcome integration challenges.

5.Testing Challenges: A robust testing strategy, including unit tests and user acceptance testing,
addressed challenges related to diverse use cases.

6.Performance Optimization: Continuous profiling and optimization efforts ensured the extension
operated efficiently without causing system slowdowns.

7.Version Compatibility: Staying informed about platform updates and maintaining version
compatibility were critical for a seamless user experience.

8.Security Concerns (API Limitations): Implementing encryption and adhering to secure coding practices addressed potential security concerns. Connected Meetings with the support team on the development of an extension for the API limitations and changes were made in the API documentation by the Zoho team when the API was wrong.

9.User Interface Design: Collaborating with UI/UX experts helped create an intuitive interface despite the extension primarily functioning in the background.

10.Approval Process (Marketplace): Patience and adherence to submission guidelines were essential during
the approval process, which sometimes took longer than anticipated.

11.Community and Support: Building a supportive community and actively engaging with users helped
address issues promptly and gather valuable feedback for future updates.

12. Scalability:  Designing the extension with scalability in mind ensured it could handle
increased user loads without compromising performance.

The journey of building a browser extension for email validation within Zoho CRM was testament to the power of innovation and problem-solving. By identifying a specific pain point, defining clear objectives, and navigating through challenges, the result was a tool that not only saved time for sales teams but also contributed to a more efficient and productive CRM experience.

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