Navigation treeview issues

Navigation treeview issues

The nav treeview sometimes behaves nicely, at other times it's horrible. I'm not sure if the following are bugs, or just a problem in the design.

In the following, I will use "L1", "L2" and so on to refer to the different _visible_ levels of the treeview. So L1 is the root of the treeview, regardless of whether it's displaying the root of the pages.

After navigating to the root page of a workspace, the treeview behaves properly. The root stays fixed (L1 shows the root of the docs), and any number of branches can be expanded _simultaneously_ by clicking on the expand/collapse icon.

In other situations, treeview adopts a different mode that's very difficult to use.

0. After navigating to a subsidiary page, L1 shows the parent of the current page. I would prefer just continue showing the root page, but the current behavior is not fatal. But...

1. Clicking on the expand button causes that treeview to change root, so that the parent of the clicked node becomes the new root (L1). This is extremely disorienting!

2. Clicking one of the L2 nodes expands that node, and closes any other expanded L2. This prevents understanding the structure of the content!

3. Clicking an L3 node causes its parent L2 node to become the new root. (This is really just another example of problem 1 above.)

4. The node styled in bold no longer corresponds to the current page. Instead it seems to simply indicate L2 node that's currently expanded. Not fatal, but needlessly distracting and undermines whatever bold was supposed to communicate.

In short, behaviors 1-4 gravely undermine the usefulness of the treeview in understanding the structure of the pages, and consequently seriously undermines the usability of the wiki overall. The treeview should not do any of 1-4.

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