Need help getting my data out of Analytics into Mailchimp

Need help getting my data out of Analytics into Mailchimp

OK so I have spent many many hours trying to crack this and just can't seem to resolve it - anyone able to offer me a solution? Will reward you with loving thoughts and, if you're close enough, beer.

I make various sales on my website using a third party app. It generates a live HTML page that updates with the data from each sale.
I have set that HTML page to import into Zoho Analytics every hour, creating a table in my workspace.

I now want to set up a feature whereby I send each customer an email after their purchase, so I want to send the data from Zoho to Mailchimp and tag the customers as I add them.

I have a Zapier account which can integrate nicely into Mailchimp and do what I need it to do, but Zapier, as you probably all know, doesn't integrate with Zoho Analytics. So I've tried:
- Setting up a Google Sheet and an API call directly into the live HTML report, but it pulls the HTML data, tags and all into the sheet so I can't pull that into Zapier
- Pushing the data from Analytics to Zoho Sheets, and getting the share link from there to pull into Google Sheets, but Google doesn't see the data itself, just the html code Zoho uses to present the data
- I've tried the solution someone suggested here - - which involves using Zapier's email parser, but can't make that work with the attachment that Analytics sends out (can't find a way for Analytics to put the CSV data into the body of the email)
- Tried the other solution mentioned in the above URL that involves creating a workflow, but I have very little experience in workflow and although the instructions were pretty clearly written I couldn't get it to work
- Using Google Sheets' IMPORTHTML function, but the HTML page with my data requires authentication which Sheets doesn't support
- Setting up the Zoho Analytics app in GSuite/Workspace, but my Google account isn't a Workspace one and I don't want to migrate everything to Workspace.
- sharing the Zoho Analytics report as a public web page and then pulling that into Sheets using both IMPORTHTML and the Api add on I'm using

My brain is now melting, so if anyone has any tips I'd be grateful. It's hard to believe that there aren't others out there who might need/want similar functionality and to be able to get data out of Analytics.....
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