New Enhancements in Wizards

New Enhancements in Wizards

Dear All,

Wizards help you break a long form into a series of smaller forms on different screens, making it less overwhelming. We are thrilled to introduce a couple of enhancements to wizards in Zoho CRM:
  • Enhancements for conditional rules in Wizards
  • Button Customization in Wizards 
Enhancements for conditional rule:
We have always provided the options for setting up conditional rules while creating a wizard such that if the specified condition is met, you could choose to show only specific fields in the wizard, set mandatory fields, and choose from the list of subforms to show.

We are here with a few enhanced options for these conditional rules. You can now do the following along with the existing features.

  • Choose when to apply the conditional rule:
    You can now select whether the conditional rules will be applied only when the wizard is created, or edited, or either of them.
    For example, in the visa application form, based on the purpose of the visit, the visa type will be filled. When the record is edited it should again execute the condition and fill in the type of visa to avoid any errors while editing the form.

  • Set value to fields:
    You can now set value for specific fields based on other field values.. For example, in a student detail form, when a student selects a subject, the professor and timings must be assigned to them automatically which can't be manually changed by the user.

  • Lock specific fields:
    You can lock specific fields based on your requirements, if the specific conditions are met. In the case of fields like a permanent account number that should not be modified every time you are editing a wizard, it can simply be locked.

    Upon locking fields, you will have the option to allow edits to specific profiles. You can simply select the profiles that should have permission to edit even the locked fields if necessary.

  • Show Text Components and Show Widget: You will now have the option to choose from the available text components and widgets for the particular module in the wizard. You can also set title for the text component.

Button Customization:
Thus far in wizards, we provided options to customize the button used with respect to its visibility, style, and action. For button style, along with choosing the shape of the button, you could choose from the standard options for the color of the button. However, it limited you from following the theme or color combination you might be following for your brand at other places like websites.
With the latest enhancements for button customization, as admins you can now customize the colors beyond the standard color options.
You can use the multi-picker to choose advanced colors to suit your brand requirements.
Choose from the most frequently used colors.
The standard colors in wizard will remain the same. Any color that is not part of the custom color but is associated with button on any of the screens in the wizard will be shown in recently used color.

Thats all about the enhancements. Read more on creating conditional rules for wizards here.


P.S. These enhancements are available for all users in all DCs.

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