New Features rolled out on August 30, 2022

New Features rolled out on August 30, 2022

API Calls Audit Log

You can now choose to audit the API calls log. This allows you to monitor information such as the API calls that were frequently made, who did it and when it was done, API units consumed by action etc.

You will also get an insightful API Log Analytics Dashboard capturing the essentials of the API call logs such as Units Consumed By Day, Request Count By API Groups, and Top 10 APIs By Units Consumed or By Request Count, etc.

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Query Table Enhancements

The following changes have been done in Query Table.

User Interface Revamped

Query Table's user interface has been revamped to improve the user experience. Now, the query editor will still be in focus when you insert the functions and columns by clicking from the list. 

New Functions

Support for the following new functions are added.

  • To Percentage - Converts the data type of the column as percentage. 
  • To Currency  - Converts the data type of the column as currency
  • To Decision Box  - Converts the data type of the column as decision box
  • To Positive Number  - Converts the data type of the column as positive number

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Trendline support for Color Chart

From now on, you can predict the trend for charts which have a Color column. 

Explorer Enhancements

The Workspace Explorer has been enhanced with the following options. 
  • Folder hierarchy is supported for Grid view in both the Exporer and the Reports navigation tab
  • Search results include folders too
  • Option to select an entire folder is added

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More Information on Views

More information dialog has been added to all the Views in Zoho Analytics. Now from a single dialog, you can edit various options of the view, such as title, description, data source, publish and share details, and see dependency details, permalink, etc.

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Export with Watermark

Now you can add Watermarks to reports and dashboards, while exporting as PDF. 

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Format by Numbering System

Zoho Analytics provides a new option to specify whether the Thousand separators are either as per the International numbering system, or the Indian numbering system. 

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