New Features rolled out on Dec 21, 2021

New Features rolled out on Dec 21, 2021

Multi Language Support for Zia

Ask Zia now supports English and Spanish languages. By default, the language specified in your Zoho Account will be selected as the language for Zia. You can choose to change this when needed.

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Custom Permissions for Analytics Portal

You can now set custom permissions in an Analytics Portal. This feature allows you to define fine-grained view permissions for each user or group.

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Themes Support in Advanced Slideshow

Advanced Slideshow now offers a set of cool preset themes to enhance the visual appeal and set a tone for your presentations.

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Enhancements in Live Connect

Live Connect for databases is now enhanced with the following options.

Live Connect support for more Cloud Databases

We have enabled Live Connect (Beta) option for the following cloud databases:

Live Connect Support for more Local Databases

We have enabled Live Connect option for the following local databases:

Caching Reports/Dashboards to load fast

You can now load reports and dashboards based on Live Connect tables from cache for a set duration. This reduces the time to load your reports and dashboards, by fetching data from the live database. The local cache will be refreshed after the set duration to keep the reports fresh.

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Sync Meta Data for Individual Table

You can now synchronize the meta data changes for each table separately, instead of synchronizing all tables in the workspace. Use the Sync link in the Data Source  setting of Live Connect workspace to do this.

All compatible data type changes will be automatically synchronized. In case the data types cannot be synced, it will show a column mismatch. You can resolve the mismatch as mentioned here .

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Join Tables in Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics now allows you to define lookup relationships among the connected tables easily using the Lookup Column feature. Previously, Live Connect tables were joined only based on the relational data model defined in your database. This will help you perform cross-functional analytics across live connect tables from the same cloud database in Zoho Analytics.

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Handy Delete Option

You can now delete views from a Live Connect workspace. You can also restore a deleted view from Trash, within 45 days of deletion.

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Change Role for Multiple Users Together

You can now change the user role for multiple users together. With this feature, you can easily define the same role for multiple users in one go, without repeating the tedious process.

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Remove Data Source for a Table

You can now remove the data source for an individual table too. Data Synchronization will be removed for the specified table alone. You can choose to synchronize data from other sources, or manually import data into this table as needed. For the rest of the tables, the same data source will continue to be in sync.

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