New Features rolled out on Mar 11, 2022

New Features rolled out on Mar 11, 2022

New Business Application Connectors

We are happy to announce the following new Business Application Connectors. 

Advanced Analytics for Google Search Console

The new Advanced Analytics connector enables you to deeply analyze data from Google Search Console. You can track  & analyze key metrics relevant to website traffic, its performance, search engine trends  and more in real-time or historically allowing you to stay on top of your SEO efforts.

The new connector also  includes  50+ prebuilt reports and dashboards  to enable you jump start your analytics. 

Advanced Analytics for Semrush

Advanced Analytics for Semrush enables you to analyze your search-driven marketing data in depth. It allows you to measure your online marketing performance by tracking keyword performance metrics over any preferred time line. It empowers marketers with deeper insights into keyword-driven content marketing, competitor analysis in terms of domain authority, backlinks and many more.

Advanced Analytics for Semrush includes  50+ prebuilt reports and dashboards  over your Semrush data.  

Both the above connector workspaces are Ask Zia trained and can answer your questions with appropriate reports within minutes.  

Enhancements in Existing Business App connectors

Existing Advanced Analytics connectors have been enhanced with the following. 

Default Fields Limit extended for Zoho CRM

The limitation for importing default fields from a module in Zoho CRM is extended from 100 to 200. 

New modules added to Existing Connectors

The following modules are added to the existing connectors.  

Advanced Analytics for QuickBooks

  • Customer Type Module

Click here to learn more.

Advanced Analytics for Zoho Finance

  • Invoiced Estimate
  • Purchase Order Salesorder Mapping
  • System Mails
  • Sms Notification
  • User Details
  • Budget
  • Budget Details
  • Landed Costs
  • Landed Cost Allocation
  • Shipping Bill
  • Shipping Bill Item
  • Bill of Entry
  • Bill of Entry Item
  • Sales Receipt
  • Sales Receipt Item
  • Delivery Challan Invoice

Click here to learn more.

Expanding Databases Connectivity

Zoho Analytics now supports importing data from the following databases:

Cloud Databases 

Local Databases 

You can now also import from  MongoDB  using Zoho Databridge. This allows you to easily import data from the UI in a few clicks. 

Trial Available for Analytics Portal

You can now avail a 15 day trial for Analytics Portal. The Portal allows you to organize reports & dashboards you have created into pages and publish them as a microsite for easy access to your users. Avail the trial to experience the benefits of Analytics Portal. 

Click here to learn more.

Export to another workspace

You can now export the blueprint of views in one workspace to another workspace. This reduces the effort and time involved in re-creating similar reports across different departments or business units. You can easily export the views and import new data into the same model. 

Copy workspace with data source

You can now copy the relevant data sources connectivity settings along with copying a workspace. This reduces the effort to re-configure the data source again in the new workspace. You can easily import data from the same source after just authenticating it.

Formulas supported in Live Connect

You can now create both Aggregate Formulas and Custom formulas in workspaces where you have setup Live Connect to cloud databases. 

Custom Sort Search Box

Custom sort dialog in charts now supports a search field when the legend has more items to sort. This helps to find items for easy sorting.

Export and Email Enhancements

Apply User Filters in Tabular view

You can now choose to apply the default user filters while exporting the Tabular views 

Export Row Numbers

Now you can add a row number column to your tabular reports while exporting data. This option will auto generate sequential numbers for all the exported rows. 

User Interface Enhancements

User Interface has been enhanced with the following options to provide further improve user experience. 

  • By default, while saving a new view (report/dashboard/table), the newly created folder, or the last accessed folder will be selected as the folder to save the view. 
  • Now you can open the View Underlying Data pop-up in a new tab by using the corresponding icon  on the top right of the dialog. 

  • From now on, when the browser is refreshed all the open views (tabs) in the workspace will be automatically restored. Previously, only the last opened view will be restored. 

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