New Features rolled out on May 12, 2022

New Features rolled out on May 12, 2022

Enhancements for Business Application Connectors

Business Application Connectors in Zoho Analytics are enhanced with the following options.

Advanced Analytics connector for Zoho Forms

We are happy to announce that Advanced Analytics for Zoho Forms is now available. Advanced Analytics for Zoho Forms enables you to proactively research, engage and derive analytical insights over the data you collect using Zoho Forms.

You will be able to import the forms data into Zoho Analytics as a table. Each Forms and Sub-forms will be imported as a table in Zoho Analytics with all sub-forms tables joined using lookup columns. 

Click here to learn more on this.

Sync Data Every 1 hour

Subscribe to Enterprise plan to sync your data every 1 hour. From now on, users in Enterprise plan will be able to sync data using their business application connectors every 1 hour. 

Click here to learn more on synchronization interval.              

Sync History

Now, Zoho Analytics provides an option to view the data synced history for your Business Application Connectors. 

Data sync history of the last 45 days will be available in a calendar. The sync success and failure will proportionately highlight the specific data in green and red color respectively. Hover to view the number of times the data had got synced on a specific date.

Notifying Sync Failures

We have refined the procedure to notify in case of Sync failures for user convenience. From now on, when a data sync fails, you will be notified through in-app notification. 

In case the sync fails continuously for more than 24 hrs, an email will be sent to you with the reason and appropriate solution for them once in every 24hrs. 

Import from Cloud MongoDB Databases

You can now import data into Zoho Analytics from cloud MongoDB databases. The cloud MongoDB instances can either be MongoDB Atlas (MongoDB's very own cloud service) or hosted on any other cloud services.

Direct Organization URL

From now on, you can access the Organization using a direct URL. Previously, in case of having multiple organization, you need to select the organization to view workspaces on a specific organization. Now you and your users can access the Organization easily using the direct link.

Followup Questions in Ask Zia 

Ask Zia now auto suggests followup questions based on your current question. This is supported in both normal and conversation mode. This allows you to easily construct questions to instantly get reports over your data. 

Undo Redo Action Supported in Reports

Reports designer now supports Undo and Redo actions as a user experience enhancement. This allows you to easily revert the changes while designing a report.  

View Share Details from Settings

The workspace Settings page now provides shared details. 

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