New in WorkDrive: Organize your storage using Data Templates

New in WorkDrive: Organize your storage using Data Templates

Organizations generate huge volumes of data day in and out. From financial reports, client details, and resumes to promotional images, product videos, and more. The list is endless. When you have so much data to manage, you need to classify your documents and structure them in a way that makes them more accessible. 

This is exactly what WorkDrive's Data Templates lets you do!

You can create Data Templates, add meta data as custom fields, and associate those fields with files and folders based on how you want to classify your storage. This will help you to capitalize on the hidden data associated with your documents. 

Here are a few benefits of Data Templates, 
  • Your data repository is more organized 
  • Your data is more accessible
  • Teams can search for information effectively 
  • You easily discover content that's specific to your needs

  • This feature is only available in WorkDrive's Business edition. See the details of all editions of WorkDrive here
  • Only Team Admins can create and manage data templates and their custom fields from the Admin Console. Only files and folders in Team Folders can be associated to data templates. 
  • Team Folder members with edit access can associate or disassociate files and folders with data templates

Let's look at a few examples to understand Data Templates better:

Use case 1: Here's how the HR team can use Data Templates to streamline their recruitment process and easily search for resumes

Create templates based on recruitment requirements and add custom fields like designation, experience level, whether the applicant has attended an interview already, and more. This way you can classify resumes to make it easy for your team to spot talent for a required position.  

You can search for resumes using the Data Template search filter and select the custom fields relevant to a new job opening. You can identify the right talent to fit the job, see whether they have already attended an interview, and refer to the feedback that is tagged along with the file. This way you are not investing too much time and effort to identify new talent.

Use case 2: Here's how medical practitioners can use WorkDrive to instantly dig up patient information

Create templates with custom fields like patient name, date of birth, and heath condition. Associate templates with files to have your patient records organized efficiently.

You can instantly look for all the information related to a particular patient by searching using a template created, so you have all their information on hand before treating them. This will give you a compete summary of the patient history and aid in better decision-making.

Watch this space for more updates from Zoho WorkDrive. 

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