New in Writer: Enhanced Content Generation and Formatting features

New in Writer: Enhanced Content Generation and Formatting features

We are excited to unveil these features that can enhance your content creation and formatting experience. These additions are carefully tailored to boost your productivity and unlock your full content creation potential.
Get the scoop on all the fresh enhancements and additions!

Zoho Puvi font support

Crisp and highly readable, Zoho Puvi is now included in Writer's font library. Instantly switch your document's font to Puvi to experience a stylish yet professional look. Puvi comes in a range of styles, including thin, medium, bold, semi-bold, and more. 

Try it out and see how Puvi improves the look of your documents!

Dark Mode preferences

Struggling to distinguish between font colors while using Dark Mode? We have the solution! With our latest update, you can customize your preferences and keep the paper area white, while the rest of the interface stays black.

Dark Mode preference can significantly enhance visibility for a more seamless working experience. Check it out now!

Chat GPT

The powerful ChatGPT extension for Zoho Writer leverages artificial intelligence to provide real-time writing assistance. From grammar suggestions to writing prompts, it has everything you need to streamline your content creation process and produce high-quality content with ease. Try the extension now!

Please refer to our detailed user guide to learn about using ChatGPT in Writer with secret API key and more. In the meantime, we'll be working to integrate ChatGPT within the editor to make it more seamless and enable it with simple commands. Stay tuned for updates!

Autocorrect with formatting

If you have a style guide that mandates the use of specific words in a particular formatting style, the new Autocorrect feature saves you time and improves consistency.
For instance, if the phrase "Electric Vehicle" needs to be in bold and italics whenever it appears in the document, you can copy the correctly formatted text, create an Autocorrect rule, and Zoho Writer will automatically apply the specified formats whenever you type "EV" in your document. 

Check out how you can automatically format styles besides bold and italic, such as capitalization, font size, color, background color, etc. Here's the user guide for detailed instructions.

Give these features a try and share your thoughts with us in the comments or reach out to us at

Happy Writing!

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