New on Zoho Marketplace for Europe: Quarter 3 '21

New on Zoho Marketplace for Europe: Quarter 3 '21

Zoho Marketplace houses 1,000+ extensions to help improve and enhance the functionality of your Zoho products. In the third quarter of 2021, we released 60 new extensions for various Zoho products, including 33 extensions for Zoho CRM. Read on to learn more.

Telephony extensions 
We released five new telephony extensions in the last quarter. These extensions are supported by Zoho CRM, Zoho Desk, Zoho Recruit, and Bigin. Start making calls from your Zoho products and receive incoming call pop-ups to get contextual details even before you answer the call. Enable click-to-call and log call recordings in the contact record after the call ends.

Extensions for Zoho CRM
Zoho Marketplace has released 33 new extensions for Zoho CRM in addition to the 500+ Zoho CRM extensions which were already available. These no-code, ready-to-use extensions do not just integrate other apps with Zoho CRM, but also add functionalities to help sales people effortlessly improve their performance.

SMS extensions for Zoho CRM
Instantly send SMS messages from Zoho CRM using predefined and customizable SMS templates. Use the Schedule SMS feature to automatically send messages at times you set and ensure you are always catching your customers at the right moment. Maintain an SMS history of all your sent messages and write workflows to send automated SMS messages.

Other extensions for Zoho CRM

Work on contracts and contract templates from within Zoho CRM. Draft contracts using the templates available and reconcile any terms that may need to be changed based on their business process. Auto-populate data from Zoho CRM into the contracts.

Connect with your WooCommerce account to sync your online store's data with Zoho CRM. Easily manage and analyze all your WooCommerce data from Zoho CRM. Create custom fields for additional items and control the way your data syncs.

Connect your Adyen merchant account with Zoho CRM and send Adyen payment links to customers from the Zoho CRM Invoices module. Enjoy error-free tracking and payment reconciliation within Zoho CRM.

Improve your sales process by syncing data between your CRM services. OSync enables both one-way and two-way data sync between HubSpot CRM and Zoho CRM, helping you build better relationships with leads and customers.

Seamlessly sync data between ActiveCampaign and Zoho CRM using OSync. Map both custom fields and default fields. Choose between one-way or two-way sync, and have better control over how your data flows.

Integrate Zoho CRM with Linkedin and automate the process of finding leads in LinkedIn and saving them in your Zoho CRM. Save any LinkedIn profile to Zoho CRM in a single click, find the work emails of your contacts, and more.

Streamline your accounts and sync customer data between Zoho CRM and QuickBooks. Sync data to and from the CRM Customers and Inventory modules. Keep your CRM and accounting software updated with real-time information.

No more switching back and forth to view invoice details. The QuickBooks Online Extension for Zoho CRM allows sales agents to access customer invoice details from QuickBooks Online and view it for the corresponding contact inside the Zoho CRM Contacts module.

Turn Excel spreadsheets with any calculations into web applications and integrate them into Zoho CRM with a click. Use data from Zoho CRM to trigger spreadsheet calculations, populate custom fields in Zoho with calculated results, and more. 

Reward employees instantly with Spin the Wheel for Zoho CRM. Boost employee morale by adding fun and excitement to your work environment. Increase compliance by rewarding employees for completing desired tasks and more.

Save time spent making calls and qualifying leads: SalesCoaching for Zoho CRM makes it easier to qualify better leads. Automate the process of calling using Twilio and automatically update the sentiment, lead score, and lead stage using machine learning and AI.

Work more efficiently with the Ezeetel telephony integration for Zoho CRM. Help teams streamline their work with intuitive tools such as screen pops for incoming and outgoing calls, click-to-dial feature, and call logging. 

Save contact details for potential leads and customers using CF7 forms and send them over to Zoho CRM. Associate contact form submissions with an existing account or create a new account. Add notes and tags to CF7 entries from Zoho CRM and more.

Verify phone numbers within Zoho CRM. Define and set the country field automatically by the phone number. With Phone Verifier's intuitive UI representation, you can validate phone numbers in a single click.

The CNPJ and CPF query application allows you to enrich your data in the Zoho CRM Leads and Accounts modules, with data obtained from the Department of Federal Revenue of Brazil. Pull all the information available at the Department of Federal Revenue of Brazil right into Zoho CRM.

Send LinkedIn contacts to Zoho CRM in real time and supercharge your LinkedIn prospecting. Map fields like name, email address, phone number, and organization to automatically create new leads in Zoho CRM. Convert the leads into Zoho CRM contacts or use them in Zoho Campaigns.

The Bpost addess lookup extension for Zoho CRM provides you with a pop-up window for immediate entry of a valid postal address in Belgium. It understands that addresses in Brussels can be in French and in Dutch and will make suggestions based on the language you're using while typing.

Move your business contacts from Bisnode to Zoho CRM to manage your business more effectively. Bisnode syncs your information weekly so the data in Zoho CRM is always updated. Search for a contact by company name, worksite, or employment.

Easily find all the corporate info for your leads and accounts with a single click. Start typing the name of the organization in the Leads and Accounts modules in Zoho CRM to find the SIREN SIRET details of the organization.

Integrate products, inventory quantities, orders, and fulfillment data from Fishbowl with Zoho CRM. Automatically create sales orders in Fishbowl from quotes, sales orders, and invoices imported from Zoho CRM at set intervals, update stock details, and more.

Connect Zoho CRM to Gravity Forms and transfer all your collected form entries to Zoho CRM where they will be stored in new modules created by the integration. Save Gravity Form entries before synchronizing them to Zoho CRM, associate contacts with accounts, sync phone and mobile fields, and monitor all your Gravity Form entries in Zoho CRM.

Initiate a search for any company registered in Romania on the Romanian ANAF (National Agency for Fiscal Administration) database using the company's Fiscal ID (ANAF_CUI) field from Zoho CRM's Leads or Accounts module. Update Zoho CRM with all the information found in the database with a single click.

ECB Exchange Rates for Zoho CRM automatically retrieves exchange rates from the European Central Bank's Euro foreign exchange reference rates database and updates the exchange rate in your Zoho CRM account. 

Collaborate with clients and customers on documents associated with them from their Zoho CRM records. Enable your sales professionals to seamlessly sync, share, access, and manage files associated with Zoho CRM records through their Google Drive account.

Integrate Zoho CRM with Shippo or EasyPost extension to easily track your shipments using tracking numbers without leaving Zoho CRM. Generate shipping rates and shipping labels for different delivery options.

Extensions for Zoho Desk
Deliver stellar customer service and win customer loyalty with Zoho Desk. We released 8 new extensions in the third quarter of 2021. Connect your favourite business apps with Zoho Desk in a snap without writing a single line of code. 

Easily integrate Zoho Desk with 500+ apps to ensure an uninterrupted flow of information between them. Set triggers, add actions, introduce decision branches, create delays, and configure decision logic while creating workflows.

Create tasks for relevant projects without leaving your help desk. See the number of tasks associated with a ticket and track their status in real time. Access linked tickets from inside a task and more.

Import your data from CSV or other help desk systems quickly. Transition to Zoho Desk within a few days, keeping all of your data intact.

Zapier for Zoho Desk enables you to instantly connect Zoho desk with 2,000+ apps without any coding or relying on developers to build integrations. For example, if you are using Google Forms to submit tickets, you can create a ticket for every new form response.

Make sure your support teams have the full context for every customer ticket with two-way data sharing between your CRM and help desk. Maintain a unified database of customer and product information using two-way sync.

It is easy to lose track of a ticket or a forum topic you need to follow, especially when using extended, hyphenated, and non-standard URL formats. Use Bookmarks for Zoho Desk to bookmark tickets and various other web pages that are of interest to you. 

Enable your agents to better understand the issues your customer needs help with. View a list of recent tickets from a customer, along with their status, creation date, and currently assigned agent. 

Extensions for other Zoho products
There are now even more extensions to help you improve customer experiences, boost collaboration, break data silos, and improve ROI. Give your teams a unified platform and reduce their workload by letting Zoho apps gather data from all other platforms.

Import checks from multiple companies and make payments seamlessly using this online check writer. Transfer the check to your payees via email, or mail it as a printed check for less than $1. 

Seamlessly send payroll data from BrightPay to Zoho Books. Eiminating the need to enter payroll journals manually. Include records for payslips across multiple pay frequencies and more. 

Generate tax invoices in Mexico from Zoho and automate your entire process. Stamp all legal documents, such as invoices, payment complements, and credit notes, from Zoho Books or Zoho Inventory.

Create beautiful presentations with Zoho Show by seamlessly embedding analytical insights. Easily add your reports and dashboards from Zoho Analytics to your slides and customize them the way you want.

Import your projects, tasks, and issues from Zoho Projects to directly create your time entries for them in timeBro. Automatically record the time you spend with emails, documents, or on websites, so you don't forget to invoice a minute of billable time. 

The Azure DevOps integration for Zoho Sprints helps teams collaborate on code development and sync the progress with their projects. Map projects in Azure DevOps with projects in Zoho Sprints and more.

Seamlessly sync employee data between Zoho People and Vantage Circle. Show employees they're valued with personalized badges, awards, and real-time leader board tracking. 

Track which users hold Zoho product licenses, how frequently they use Zoho products, and which features they're using. Receive detailed usage and engagement metrics for each user on the Zoho platform. 

Eliminate the time-consuming process of manually exporting your Zoho data. Set up your data migration from anywhere and at any time using this cloud-based extension.

Work smarter by adding new capabilities to Zoho with business solutions from Zoho Marketplace.

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