Notebook will not attach OneDrive files (error message shows)

Notebook will not attach OneDrive files (error message shows)

Using Notebook (free version) on an Android phone. Each time I click the Attach button and click on the OneDrive file I want to attach to My Notebook, the file will not attach. It does not matter which OneDrive file I choose. None will attach as a new note. This error displays "Oops,  something went wrong."

Is this a bug? I have not tried doing this from my Windows 11 computer yet. Has anyone else had this issue on Android? On Windows?

I uninstalled Notebook from my Android phone and did not save the app's data. Then I reinstalled Notebook from Google Play, signed into my Zoho account within Notebook, configured my Settings in the app, and tried attaching any OneDrive file to My Notebook. Same error.

I also tried attaching any OneDrive file to a different notebook. Same error. Any suggestions?
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                            Zoho Notebook is transforming. The new version will include exciting new features and a completely new user experience. The initial version will be mobile based, available for Android and iOS. A new web version will be available after the initial mobile release.   With the release of the new Notebook approaching, we're migrating most of your current data to the new version. Once the new version is released, there will be an additional window to migrate your data. We will not provide access to the

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