Now access emoji menus from anywhere on Zoho Social!

Now access emoji menus from anywhere on Zoho Social!

Hello everyone,

Today, I am going to talk about a small but important update that I'm sure all our users would find helpful—that's right, now you can access emoji menus everywhere you type on Zoho Social!
Using emojis gives your brand a friendlier image which will help your followers connect with it better. They can even replace text in some conversations, and make interactions more fun. 

We have brought about emoji menus accessible everywhere on the platform so you can add humor and a light tone to your messaging.

Previously, the emoji menu was available on the compose window. 

Newly, with this update you can use the keyboard shortcut ":" to add emojis from any place. 

According to Facebook, an average of 60 million emojis are sent on the social network daily, and the number is going up daily. Brands on social media have taken a note of this too, and are incorporating emojis in their posts, comments, and messages. This is why we made it simple for you to access the emoji menu, and keyboard shortcut from anywhere on your favorite social media tool. 

Now, you'll find the whole range of emojis available at just a single click from within different text boxes across Zoho Social:


When you get a new notification, you can click it to reply and add the right emojis within your reply. 

Live Stream

From the homepage, click on any post in your Live Stream update, and you can add emojis when you reply or comment on it. 

There are multiple ways in which you can use emojis within the Monitor tab.

a. While replying to Facebook posts 

Reply to a post from any of the Facebook columns, and add emojis to your text.

b. While replying to Tweets 

You can add emojis when you reply to a tweet showing up on any of the Twitter columns in your Monitor tab such as Lists, Timeline, or User Search.

c. Retweet comments 

You can also include emojis when you quote-retweet a tweet, and add your own comment to it.

d. Comments on Google My Business Reviews 

You can use emojis to personalize your responses to reviews and questions that your customers post on your Google My Business Listing.


Emojis are crucial while messaging your audience because they are universal, and can put across your point better for the recipient to understand. Additionally, emojis enable you to adopt a friendlier tone so the person on the other side of the chat can connect with you better. Under the Messages tab, go to any chat and the text box will have an emoji menu.


If you come across an interesting post you want to discuss or want to brainstorm a new idea with your team, you can make a post on your Collaborate tab and include a couple of emojis to make it catchy.  

For example, you might want to add a happy emoji while sharing a positive incoming mention that your brand has received or to a report which indicates a how your brand's engagement has been growing to start a discussion.

Add emojis to your posts as well as comments on the Collaborate tab by clicking on the :) icon in the text box.

Keyboard shortcuts- Smart Emoji

Along with the emoji menu, we have added a keyboard shortcut to access emojis while you are in the middle of typing something out.

While typing, you can access the emoji menu by clicking on ":".  

So, to access emojis faster, just type in : followed by a keyword relating to that emoji. Like this:

Don't want to keep searching for your favourite emojis? We have got you covered. When you use an emoji repeatedly, it gets added to your frequently-used emojis which will show up on top of the emoji menu. Up to 40 of your most-used emojis will show up in the Frequently Used section.

That's all for now. Check out this handy user guide on emojis that we made to learn more!

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