Now add SalesIQ's Mobilisten (Mobile SDK) to your mobile app using Flutter!

Now add SalesIQ's Mobilisten (Mobile SDK) to your mobile app using Flutter!

Hello everyone, we are excited to announce that Mobilisten now supports Flutter!

We at SalesIQ, strive to provide the best in class experience for our developers. In recent trends, cross-platform frameworks like Flutter that allow you to create apps from a single code-base are gaining popularity.

What is Flutter? 

Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit created by Google that provides a better developer experience to create cross platform application for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, etc., from a single codebase. Flutter has been growing rapidly for the past few years, and developers are preferring Flutter to build fast and responsive applications for various platforms.

About the Mobilisten flutter plugin 

To bring the features of SalesIQ into your mobile application effortlessly, we have created a plugin for Mobilisten (Zoho SalesIQ's Mobile SDK). Before we dive deeper, let me give you a brief introduction to Mobilisten.
Mobilisten is a robust in-app support tool that allows you to assist and provide support to your mobile app users. Now, let us take a look at the benefits of implementing the Mobilisten in your mobile application.

Real time in-app chat and live view:

Converse and provide in-app live support to your app users in real-time. The in-app live chat makes it easy for your users to reach support and greatly reduces the time taken to resolve issues. Offer better support by having access to the visitor activities, device specifications, and even app permissions right from the chat window.

Send targeted push notifications:

Mobilisten supports push notifications using which you can reach your users via chat even when the application is closed. Push notifications also enable you to send personalized messages to specific users to stimulate engagement.

Crafting custom support user interfaces

Mobilisten provides the option to customize the user interface that comes as default or if required also lets you create your own user interfaces within a brand-new support section in your application using different APIs. This enables you to perform a seamless integration and makes it virtually indistinguishable from the rest of the application.

Integrating Mobilisten

Integrating Mobilisten with your flutter app is an incredibly easy process and only takes a few steps. Let's walkthrough the steps to get Mobilisten up and running in your flutter project.

1. Add Mobilisten as a dependency within the pubspec.yaml file as shown below.
  1. dependencies:
  2.   flutter:
  3.     sdk: flutter
  4.   salesiq_mobilisten: ^1.0.0
2. Run the flutter pub get command to fetch dependencies for the project.
3. Navigate to the ios directory and run the pod install command.
4. Add the following required permissions in the Info.plist file for the iOS project.
5. Open the android directory in Android Studio or any IDE used for Android development. Open the project build.gradle file and add the following maven repository and perform and perform gradle sync.
  1. allprojects {
  2.    repositories {
  3.       ....
  4.       maven { url '' }
  5.    }
  6. }
6. Generate the App and Access keys for Android and iOS from the SalesIQ console by navigating to Settings → Brands → {Brand  name} → Installation → Android/iOS and enter the bundle ID/package name of the application and click on Generate.
7. Open the main.dart file and import Mobilisten as shown below. With this step, we additionally import dart:io to check the current platform that will be used at a later stage.
  1. import 'dart:io';
  2. import 'package:salesiq_mobilisten/salesiq_mobilisten.dart';
8. Initialize Mobilisten using the init API using the App and Access keys as shown below.
  1. if (Platform.isIOS || Platform.isAndroid) {
  2.     late String appKey;
  3.     late String accessKey;
  4.     if (Platform.isIOS) {
  5.         appKey = "INSERT_IOS_APP_KEY";
  6.         accessKey = "INSERT_IOS_ACCESS_KEY";
  7.     } else {
  8.         appKey = "INSERT_ANDROID_APP_KEY";
  9.         accessKey = "INSERT_ANDROID_ACCESS_KEY";
  10.     }
  11.     ZohoSalesIQ.init(appKey, accessKey).then((_) {
  12.         // initialization successful
  13.         // Using the showLauncher API is optional.
  14.         ZohoSalesIQ.showLauncher(true);
  15.     }).catchError((error) {
  16.         // initialization failed
  17.         print(error);
  18.     });
9. Build and run your Flutter application.
You can find the list of all APIs and their documentation here under the API Reference section.
Try integrating Mobilisten with your Flutter application and share your feedback with us at

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