Organize your discussions with Threads

Organize your discussions with Threads

We are happy to launch Threads!

Threads help you create organized, focused discussions around any specific message in a channel. Say, for instance, in a channel, the manager asks for an update on a particular work. Meanwhile, other members may also post their work updates or other messages along with this particular update. All these discussions will be cluttered in the channel. Threads help you to organize various messages in a channel under different headings.


When members post the updates as threaded replies connected to the main message posted by the manager, you can anytime get a complete overview of the whole discussion without needing to scroll through the entire channel looking up for updates. Threads keep your channels clutter-free and help reduce noise in conversations.


Make the best use of Threads 

1. Configure threads reply mode for a channel

2. Starting a thread is as easy as sending a normal reply

3. Rename the threads for your easy reference

4. Get to view threads as a separate conversation

5. Engage in quick calls with the thread's participants

6. Choose your favourite view to access threads easily

7. Follow a thread to get notified about new replies

8. Unfollow a thread if you no longer want to be notified of new replies

9. View all threads in a channel

10. Easily close threaded conversation when necessary



Keeping your digital workspace organized will help you stay more focused. With threads in Cliq, you can now engage in deep discussion around any specific message without creating chaos in any channel.


We highly value your feedback, so use the feature and let us know how you like it in the comments.


Reading resources:


1) Blog - Productive and organized conversations are here: Say hello to Threads in Cliq   

2) Knowledge base 


See you all with a new update. Until then!



Shanthana Lakshmi S

            Zoho Marketing Automation
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