OTP Verification in Zoho Forms

OTP Verification in Zoho Forms

In addition to our existing spam control features, Zoho Forms is now introducing OTP Verification via email and SMS.
To prevent spam entries, this feature sends an OTP (one-time password) to a respondent's phone number or email address. They must enter this password before they can access your form. This way, you can reduce the probability that respondents will submit form entries with fake phone numbers or email addresses.
For instance, if you have a lead generation form, such as a Contact Form, it is important that you capture accurate information so you can further engage with potential leads. OTP Verification in Zoho Forms can help you get the right data for successful conversions—and avoid junk leads.


 How does OTP Verification work?           

  1. Respondent clicks your form's public URL
  2. OTP Verification page opens
  3. Respondent enters an email address/mobile number to receive their OTP

  4. Respondent receives an email/SMS with the OTP
  5. Respondent enters the OTP on the verification page

  6. Once the OTP is verified, your form opens for the respondent to access


Advantages of OTP Verification

Now that you know how this feature helps you get legitimate responses, let's look at other advantages OTP Verification provides:
  • It is almost impossible to guess OTPs, as they are randomly generated
  • Users do not have to remember any passwords  
  • OTPs have a time restriction before they expire, which makes them temporary, unlike traditional passwords, reducing the likelihood of misuse

 SMS OTP Verification 

With SMS OTP Verification,
  • OTP codes are sent instantly and have higher delivery rates
  • Users are more likely to access and read OTP codes sent via SMS


We support the following SMS Gateways for sending OTPs:

Check out how you can set up the SMS Gateway of your choice.

Refer to this help documentation for detailed instructions on setting up SMS OTP Verification.


 Email OTP Verification 

Email OTP Verification:
  • Does not require the user to have their mobile device handy
  • Does not require a reliable cell phone signal

Refer to this help documentation for detailed instructions on setting up email OTP Verification.


Over to you...

Set up OTP Verification for your form right away and watch valid form submissions roll in! If you've used OTP Verification to control spam entries in your forms, we'd love to hear how it helped you expand your target audience. If you need assistance with implementing the feature or have any questions or feedback to share, feel free to leave a comment below or drop us an email at support@zohoforms.com.



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