Page name: PLEASE PLEASE fix the hyphen spacing bug!

Page name: PLEASE PLEASE fix the hyphen spacing bug!

Hi all,

Please please fix the bug in which your page name (page title) entry code always takes a hyphen (dash) and surrounds it by unwanted spaces.

This means that any company-critical Ids like "XYZ-1234" or dates "2024-01-02" appear broken in the page name as "XYZ - 1234" or "2024 - 01 - 02".  This creates confusion because it appears to deliberately NOT say what is actually intended, and it also breaks search for those items.

I reported this before several times, most recently here:

Multiple Bugs involving Page Name

... a "year ago" to which your team responded that the problems I listed had been diagnosed and would be fixed within two weeks.

This problem is still plaguing us.

Tracking Id: GWZ1047  ... continued.

Thanks.  Graham

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