Parse JSON payload containing array

Parse JSON payload containing array


I have a flow which receives a json payload (as a webhook). 

I need to set a variable (using the zoho Flow "Set a variable" module) which gets data from the json payload. 

It works as long as I refer to json objects properties, even with several levels:
  1. ${webhookTrigger.payload.agentName}

But it fails as soon as I try to access data in an array:
  1. ${webhookTrigger.payload.resultObject[0].general.fullName}
=> What is the right syntax to access data contained in an array inside the JSON payload ?

Here is a sample payload
  1. {
    "webhookTrigger": {
    		"payload": {
    			"runDuration": 28100,
    			"agentId": 8969430073133485,
    			"launchDuration": 579,
    			"agentName": "LinkedIn Profile Scraper (1)",
    			"exitCode": 0,
    			"exitMessage": "finished",
    			"scriptOrg": "phantombuster",
    			"containerId": 7373200360528184,
    			"branch": "master",
    			"resultObject": [
    					"general": {
    						"imgUrl": "",
    						"fullName": "Gilles Combes",
    						"headline": "Responsable technique à CARTELAND\nSymfony - AWS - Docker - Linux",
    						"location": "Aix-en-Provence, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France",
    						"profileUrl": "",
    						"connectionDegree": "2e",
    						"mutualConnectionsUrl": "",
    						"mutualConnectionsText": "4 relations en commun : Boris BRAUN, Clarisse Hébréard et 2 autres personnes",
    						"description": "",
    						"subscribers": 228,
    						"firstName": "Gilles",
    						"lastName": "Combes",
    						"userId": 39367362,
    						"vmid": "ACoAAAJYssIBGfX9KgXg5EptUGMDixIl-G9ocfE",
    						"linkedinSalesNavigatorUrl": ",name",
    						"connectionsUrl": "",
    						"connectionsCount": 230,
    						"company": "CARTELAND"

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