Problem with custom CSS in editor

Problem with custom CSS in editor

Hi folks. I get the impression some work was done on the WYSIWYG editor sometime in the last couple of months -- if it addressed a few points I raised earlier -- great.

However, one new problem has surfaced. Custom CSS for use in the  WYSIWYG editor no longer works in Firefox, though it does work in Chrome. This is troublesome as we had determined that Firefox was our most reliable choice for using the editor in the first place (but, as mentioned above, it would be nice if that was overcome).

Our custom CSS file has styles targeted at selectors like body#zwIframeBody h2 and so on, parallel to all the content styles that appear on a normal page.  Now none of these get applied in the WYSIWYG editor in Firefox. Indeed, it looks like the custom CSS file doesn't get loaded for the editor in the iframe.

The problem seems to be due to the fact that your html uses this link tag to load the iframe CSS:
<link id="zwCustomCSSForEditor" href="/_attach/1.1/zoho-gw-01.css" rel="stylesheet">

... using a relative path. This is the same as done in the enclosing page (which works), but in this case the enclosing iframe doesn't specify any base path (instead using an event to load the content), so the relative path is ambiguous.  If I use FF's Inspector feature to edit that link href to include the wiki URL, then the CSS immediately gets loaded, and the editor immediately starts applying the expected styles to the WYSIWYG content.

I believe browsers vary in how they handle this case, which is my current bet as to why this works in Chrome but not FF.


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