Publish spreadsheets, sheets, or ranges with specific customizations

Publish spreadsheets, sheets, or ranges with specific customizations

Publishing a spreadsheet allows you to share your reports or data with a wider audience. To expand the publishing capabilities for your spreadsheet, we've revamped the publish controls in Zoho Sheet.

New look, extensive options

With the new publish dialog, we've brought all publishing capabilities into one place, making it easier to access and manage.

Publish individual sheets 

You can now publish and embed separate sheets in your spreadsheet for separate audiences without allowing them to view the other sheets in your spreadsheet file!

Embed interactive ranges 

With this update, you can choose to embed an interactive range on your website or blog to allow your readers to play around with the formulas, formats, and more without affecting the original data range.

Extensive customizations 

The revamped publish settings helps you choose whether to allow or restrict interaction or download, as well as show or hide formulas, gridlines, row/columns headers, and the formula bar. 

With these customizations, you can personalize your published reports and limit audience access as well!

Get downloadable links 

Once you choose to publish your spreadsheet, sheet, or range with download access, you can share the downloadable link with your colleagues, create integrations, or use it on your website for your readers to access easily.

Spread the word 

Working on a report that could use some social media attention? Share your published links with a personalized message directly to your social media accounts from Zoho Sheet using the respective icons in the publish dialog!

Give us your feedback about the latest updates in the publish settings in the comments below!
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