Recent enhancements in Bigin

Recent enhancements in Bigin

Greetings to everyone; I trust you are all doing well. We are delighted to unveil a series of recent enhancements we have implemented in Bigin. In this post, we will explore the details of each improvement.

Mass email add-on   

Previously, Bigin allowed you to send 300 emails per day under the Premier edition, and 150 emails per day for the Express edition. With this enhancement, you can purchase add-ons and expand this limit to more than 5,000 emails per day.
The mass email add-on aims to help your teams and make email marketing easier. It allows you to send more emails to reach more people, nurture potential customers, and provide personalized experiences.
Pricing details  
Add-on pricing will be $3 USD/unit (1 unit = 100 emails/day). The max add-on limit is 50 units, which comes to 5,300 emails/day.

The add-on can be purchased from the mass email composer.

"Powered by Bigin" label in forms

With this update, we'll apply subtle Bigin branding on forms created or updated hereafter. After this enhancement, a "Powered by Bigin" label will be shown at the bottom of each form created using Bigin. Customers under the Premier and Zoho One editions will have an option to hide this Bigin branding from their forms.

Attach record files in email composer

In certain situations, you might want to attach files stored in the record's Files tab while sending emails from a Bigin record. Previously, you would have had to download the document from the record's Files tab and then reupload it to the email composer as an attachment. Now, with this enhancement, you can attach those files directly from records.
When you choose the "From this Record" option, you will see the files related to the current record. Choose one or more files from the list and the chosen file(s) will be attached to the email composer and mentioned at the bottom, along with an option to remove them. If you've enabled Bigin's File Cabinet topping for certain records, those files will also be available for your selection while using this option.

You can add a maximum of 10 files as attachments, with a size limit of 10 MB (for paid plans) or 3 MB (for free plans).

Example: If you're a paid user and add two files that are each 5 MB, you have already met the size restriction and cannot add any further files. In the same way, if you add 10 files with a combined size of 10 MB, you are at your file size limit and cannot add any more.

API credits dashboard  

With this enhancement, you can now view the consumption of API credits in your organization within the 24-hour window. The API credits dashboard provides an overview of the total credits available in the organization's account and reports on both used and unused credits, along with each user's API credit consumption.

To learn more about the API credit dashboards, access the help document.

Chart view in Storage dashboard  

Previously, storage was displayed only as a list view. After this enhancement, you can also view the storage details in a chart format. In this view, the numbers of records in each pipeline, sub-pipeline, and module are displayed in a chart format, which has two different tabs: one for pipelines and one for modules. You can hover over the chart to see the precise numbers.

That's all for these enhancements. We sincerely hope you find these improvements useful. We encourage you to try them out and kindly share your feedback in the comments section. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements in this space.

Thank you, and have a great day!

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