Recent updates in record sharing, custom views, portals, and more.

Recent updates in record sharing, custom views, portals, and more.

Hello everyone,

Some recent updates that were released in the month of January and February are as follows:

Sharing records from private or public read only modules with all users

Earlier, users were restricted from sharing records from 'Private' or 'Public Read Only' modules with all users. It was possible to share these records only as Private access with a maximum of 10 users.
Now, it is possible to give public access to the records from these modules to allow all users across the organization to view or edit.

Sending feed notification on private record sharing:
Feed notification can be sent to the users when records are shared with them through private access.

Refer to the help doc for more details.

Locking a Custom View

Custom view helps to group records using specific criteria for easy comprehension. It can be shared with other CRM users as well. However when a custom view is shared, users who have "Manage View permission" in their profile can edit the criteria of the view. To prevent editing the view, the creator of the view and the CRM administrators can lock it. They can unlock it as and when needed. Refer to the help doc here.

Portal Users can access Web tabs

Web Tabs created in Zoho CRM can be shared with the portal users. They can view the respective web page from the portal without leaving the CRM account.
For example, a web tab created to display announcements and latest updates can be shared with the stakeholders through portal.

Under portal tab configuration you can view the list of web tabs that are created and select the one that needs to be viewed. Learn more on how to set up this configuration in this help doc.

Remove system-defined fields – Exchange Rate and Currency from the layout

With most businesses having a global presence it is common to deal with multiple currencies. In CRM, when multi-currency is enabled to manage transactions, inventory, and sales the system usually adds two fields – Exchange rate and Currency across layouts. However, sometimes organizations may not want to use these fields even though multiple currency is enabled. To facilitate this, we are now allowing admins to remove these fields from the layout.
These fields can be removed only if the layout does not contain any custom currency field. At any point if a currency field is added to the layout, both the fields will automatically be re-inserted .
Refer to the help doc for more details .

Try these features and let us know your feedback!


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