Reports can now be filtered using dynamic criteria values

Reports can now be filtered using dynamic criteria values

Dear All,


We are here with a quick and a useful update to the new reports feature in Zoho CRM.

As you may know, the new reports feature lets you create different types of reports in just a few clicks. Just select the parent module, choose the child module, and determine their relationship. Additionally, using column grouping and filter criteria, you can neatly organize the datasets for a targeted analysis.

Today's announcement is about data filtering in the new reports. Let's get into the details!

Adding a filter to a report is a great way to cleanse your data. You can define one or more criteria based on the fields from the selected modules and ascribe values to tabulate the records, as desired.

For example, to conduct a campaign revenue analysis, you can use the criteria to view only those records whose actual cost have crossed the defined threshold - USD 50,000. This way, you can ensure only the qualified data are displayed.

Thus far, you were only able to add a static value to the criteria. USD 50000 is a static value, where the reports will bring in records that meets the said value.

While denoting a value to sift your report is useful, for a more granular analysis, mere static value becomes insufficient.

Imagine you want to assess your campaigns spends and you want to look at all the campaigns in your organization whose actual cost is above than the budgeted cost. Here, the budgeted cost could be higher than the static value (USD 50,000) or the actual value itself could be lower than the static value. In both cases, the resultant report will be insufficient and inaccurate.

To address this discrepancy is why we have introduced the ability to denote another field from the selected modules as criteria value.

For the same example, you can use the fields—actual cost and budgeted cost from the selected modules as filter criteria and draw a contextual and meaningful report.

Likewise, you can use CRM fields as dynamic values in criteria and derive insightful analysis on your business performance.
Here are some more examples.
  • Example 1: You can add a filter to the report to display quotes whose allowed adjustment is greater than the discount offered. You can retrieve this information and investigate the process error.

  • Example 2: By adding the following criteria, you can view all your deal closures that are neck and neck to the actual due date.

    and so on.

  • The fields used in a criteria should be of the same data type. That is, if the field type in your LHS of your criteria is a date type field, the field in the RHS should also be of the same date type field.

  • All the fields present in the selected module(s) will be displayed in the criteria.
  • For joined reports, the filter will be configured and applied for each report.

  • Currently, you can only use the following field type as criteria value:
    • Date, date and time
    • Checkbox
    • Number, decimal, percentage, and long integer
    • Currency
      If multicurrency is enabled in your organization, you can use the fields from the same module to compare and filter. If multicurrency is not enabled, fields from both the selected module and its related modules are listed. You currently cannot use other data types like picklist or look up fields to compare and qualify.
  • In the filter, you can compare fields belonging to the immediate parent modules and immediate child modules.
  • Even if you choose fields with empty values in a criteria, the report will run and tabulate results based on the criteria.
  • If one of the fields has a value and the other doesn't, then based on the selected operator, the report will or will not be displayed.
  • You can add up to four filter criteria for a report.
That's it for the update. This update is now open for all users in all DCs. Click here to access help documentation.

Thanks and have a good one!

Kind regards, 
Saranya Balasubramanian

            Zoho Marketing Automation
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