Revamped Print in Zoho Sheet—customized for paper

Revamped Print in Zoho Sheet—customized for paper

The latest enhancements to Zoho Sheet's Print settings allows you to print a worksheet or a selected range, with customizations that make the data comprehensible, even on paper.


Customize header and footer

Make your spreadsheets meaningful with a relevant header and footer. You can now choose to display the file name, sheet name, current page number, total pages, date, and time as the header and footer in your print view. Besides the predefined elements, you can also give a custom text for header/footer.


Add more context

Choose to retain frozen rows or columns in your sheet on all the pages, to make your data meaningful irrespective of which page it is on.


Perfect fitting

Customize your printed data to look neat and legible on any paper size using our scaling options for print namely, Default (100%), Fit to Width, Fit to Height, Fit to Page, and Custom (10%-100%). Furthermore, you can align data to the center of the page horizontally and vertically too!


What comes next?

Decide which part of your sheet you want to print after a page—the next set of rows with the same columns, or the next set of columns with the same rows.


Getting on the right side

Say goodbye to the huge dialog blocking your spreadsheet data. Joining Charts, Pivot Tables, Sparklines, etc., now Print also has an exclusive contextual side pane. With this, you can get a better view of how your printed copy will look right when customizing the print settings. No more extra clicks to view previews too. Just change, watch, repeat!

All the print settings will now be retained in Zoho Sheet, so you need not spend time redoing the customization!


Do try out these latest print settings and give us your feedback as comments below.

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