Rewinding Qntrl's 2021-- What's new? What's next?

Rewinding Qntrl's 2021-- What's new? What's next?

It’s been a busy year for all of us with juggling the idea of hybrid workspaces or going back to offices. With this in mind, we wanted to do our part to help our customers ease their interaction with workflows—be it from their home or office.
User experience has been our top priority this year. We hope our interface revamps have opened up a refreshing and simple experience with the product. Let’s take a look at all of Qntrl’s major releases in 2021.

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              • Orchestly is now Qntrl

                We are excited to let you know that Orchestly now comes with a brand-new name—Qntrl and a bunch of futuristic features to help you upscale your enterprise.   Qntrl is a workflow orchestration platform to design, automate, and analyze all your business
              • A walk through Orchestly's 2020

                Among the numerous technologies that stood resilient during this pandemic, cloud and automation make it to the top spots. Orchestly, being a cloud-based automation software, has been able to support customers to adapt the changes quickly, ensuring efficiency
              • Beta feature: New fields in Layouts

                Orchestly provides a set of custom fields that can be added in layouts to capture different organizational details. In addition to these existing custom fields, we’ve introduced 3 new fields: Date, Checkbox, Radio button, and Line items.   Note: The new fields are currently released as Beta Features. If you’d like to try it out, please email our support team.  Date Field Orchestly supports Date as well as Date & Time fields. You can either choose to capture only the date or both date and time from
              • Orchestly Product Updates | Q1, 2020

                We hope you are all doing well! Even as the world is experiencing a temporary halt owing to the pandemic, let us be optimistic of the days that lay ahead and hope for the best. This too shall pass!  Inspite of the challenging times, we’ve been up to a
              • Q3 updates for Orchestly- what's happening, what's next?

                This quarter has been quite productive for Orchestly with the release of major features. Meanwhile, we’ve been working on a list of brand-new updates for the next quarter too. Here is a rundown of our recent and upcoming updates: Parallel Transitions

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