Say hello to the new version of SalesIQ in CRM Plus

Say hello to the new version of SalesIQ in CRM Plus

Hello everyone,
We have introduced various new features and enhancements to SalesIQ in CRM Plus. The new version comes with a brand new user interface and features specifically designed to offer complete customer and prospect engagement for both B2B and B2C businesses.

Manage multiple brands

Businesses with multiple brands can't manage them all in a single space without risking confusion. That's why we have introduced Brands (previously called Websites) which offers a single admin space where you can customize all the customer touchpoints such as website, mobile SDK, and email signature. You can also personalize the style, appearance, and content displayed in the chat window and set up pre-chat forms,, responses, wait time, and so on.

Engage with B2B and B2C businesses

The website visitors can now be segmented into visitors, customers, and companies.
  • Visitors: All the website visitors who haven't shared their contact information with your business.
  • Contacts: Website visitors who have shared their contact information and been saved as a lead in SalesIQ for further follow-ups.
  • Companies: Organizations your company does business with. The Companies module lets you group all the contacts who are part of the same organization. 

Profile enrichment powered by Zia, our AI assistant, helps you gather all the information available about the company which can help your sales rep when they interact with it.

Manage resources

You can create a library of your most frequently asked questions and answers to them, so that the answers can be shared in conversations with website visitors. You can manage the following types of resources:
  • Articles: Documents such as product specifications, pricing details, privacy policies, and user guides can be published as articles so that visitors can find the answers they need even before initiating the chat. These articles can also be linked in responses from the agents.
  • FAQs: Answers can be drafted for various frequently asked questions that can be used by the agents in their responses.

AI-powered answer bot

The answer bot was created based on the principles of Natural Language Processing and uses artificial intelligence powered by Zia to answer questions using the resource library. NLP helps the answer bot understand, interpret, and manipulate human language and helps bridge the gap between the bot and the user. The following types of resources can help the answer bot offer a human touch.
  • Small talk: Create a library of welcoming phrases and responses such as "Hello", "Hey there!", and "Good morning" which can be used by the bot to interact with the visitor.
  • Business terms: Familiarize the chatbot with common business terminology and to increase the accuracy of its responses.
  • UAQs: All the questions that weren't answered by the chatbot will be automatically categorized as unanswered questions (UAQs) and the number of occurrences for each UAQ will be logged. This information can later be used to create an article or FAQ.

Build your bot

SalesIQ offers a no-code bot building platform with the help of a drag-and-drop editor, which means anyone can create one with ease, even if they don't know any programming languages.

Reopen chats and continue the conversation

Usually, a live chat conversation between a visitor and an agent is terminated after the session is closed by the agent, or sometimes if the website is refreshed. With SalesIQ, the website visitors can reopen conversations and continue where they left off. 

Remove profanity

Customers or prospects sometimes express their frustration to the agent, which can unfortunately include abusive language that can be stressful and unpleasant for the agent. With SalesIQ, abusive language used in chats can be hidden from the agent automatically. There's a profanity library which contains all the inappropriate terms that will be hidden in the chat. 

Share screen with ease

The chat window comes with a default screen sharing option that lets agents share their screen or ask the visitors to share their screen. Zoho Assist is available for providing remote assistance.

Developer tools

  • Widgets and formsWidgets and forms help you bring your applications into SalesIQ to save you time switching between them. 
  • PlugsPlugs let you create complicated workflows in a codeless bot based on data in your application. Plugs are functions with configured inputs and outputs and can be programmed using Deluge scripts. 
  • WebhooksWebhooks can be configured to connect your applications with SalesIQ and transfer data.

Visualize in-depth analytics

SalesIQ and Analytics help you understand your website visitors' actions and experience by visually analyzing their touchpoints. You can view analytics on the website traffic source, visitor's geographic distribution, average time spent on the website, and so on.

We hope you find this useful. Try it out and let us know your valuable comments.

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