Server action for POP3 "delete"

Server action for POP3 "delete"

As a new user of Zoho mail I was surprised to find that there is no way to tell the server that when I delete mail from my Inbox (including Spam, if the option to present that to POP3 downloads is enabled) it doesn't actually get deleted from the server, just marked so that it is not presented to POP3 again as new mail.  This requires the user to follow-up with IMAP or a browser logon to the Zoho mail server to actually get rid of the mail that was "deleted" wtih POP3.

I hope that the developers of Zoho mail will recognize this as a short-coming and provide the necessary options so that POP3 access is all that is needed by a user to fetch any new mail and delete it after successful downloading as determined by the POP3 client.
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