Setting up cross-domain tracking in Zoho PageSense

Setting up cross-domain tracking in Zoho PageSense

Hello everyone,

We're excited to introduce yet another useful setting inside Zoho PageSense that lets you to quickly enable or disable cross-domain tracking on your website based on the individual needs of your project. Cross-domain tracking is a method used to follow the behavior of users as they navigate across different domains after coming to your website. This helps businesses operating across multiple domains track a visitor's journey from one website to another and further achieve greater marketing or sales goals.

Previously, Zoho PageSense used to automatically track visitor information and conversion goals across all domains once an experiment was launched on the website. However, with the new tracking setup, you have the freedom to decide whether you want to allow your website to track visitor information originating only from a single business domain or to track data as users traverse across multiple domains from your website. By default, PageSense will have this option turned off for your projects.

Let us look at an example to help us understand what cross-domain tracking is and how it can benefit your business. Say, your customer is browsing products on your ecommerce site, '', adds items to their cart, initiates a purchase, and is redirected to a new site URL, '', to complete the payment process (which is hosted on another domain) before they return to your original shopping site, ''. 

Without enabling cross-domain tracking for your experiment, PageSense will treat the same user as two different users (one user who visited '' and another who visited ''). Furthermore, the user session that actually span across two domains will be counted as two different sessions instead of a single session. In these scenarios, cross-domain tracking allows marketing teams to analyze which path your customers take before making a purchase, the pages from which users are likely to bounce during the journey, and the count of visitors who converted from customers into actual buyers. They can further learn what pages need more refinement while customers travel through multiple domains.

So, here is how you set up this option:

Simply click Project Settings on the top bar, choose Cross-Domain Tracking, and enable the Allow Cross-Domain Tracking option. Once enabled, your experiments will start capturing your visitor's data continuously across all the domains from your original site.

Before you enable this setting in PageSense, make sure you add your Project's code snippet in the <head> tag of all the website domains where you want to run your experiment and track visitor information. 

Note that: 

  • Cross-domain tracking is currently available for Funnel Analysis, Form Analytics, Personalization, A/B Testing, and Split Testing experiments in PageSense.

  • All the old users will have this setting enabled on your PageSense account and you can now choose to disable them anytime, if required.

Found this post helpful? Share your feedback or questions in the comments box below.

If you're not sure whether to enable Zoho PageSense's cross-domain option for your business, write to us with your needs at
We'll be happy to chat with you and provide the best solution for your situation.

Have a great day!

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