Showtime & Meeting: functions, use, limitations, users experiences

Showtime & Meeting: functions, use, limitations, users experiences

Hello there,

I am about to start teaching a year long online course. In order to promote the course I'd like to do promotional webinars. Once the course has begun I'd like to do Q&A's every week, a few days each time after I have published the lessons. This will go on every week for the whole school year. It needs to run smoothly and efficiently.

I am hesitant to use Zoho, because - I am sorry to say - I am not very enthusiastic and confident about it. But I am open to give it a try. I have some questions:

1 - Would Showtime be the better choice for webinars?
2 - Would Meetings be a good alternative for Zoom?
3 - Could OBS be used as "virtual camera"?
4 - What is the video resolution/quality on these platforms? I heard that it is too low for professional use.
5 - Is there a limit to allowed participants, or duration of the sessions in Meetings?
6 - Is there a limit to allowed participants, or duration of the sessions in Showtime?
7 - Would it be possible on whichever platform would be best for the webinars to produce (i.e. prerecord) a video presentation, upload it to the platform and play it during the webinar (as if it were live) and monitor questions? (this way I can create a good presentation and reuse it frequently.
8 - How do these apps integrate with CRM/Mail/Social/Marketing?
9 - Are there professionals who have actually used these apps successfully, and who continue to chose these options over GoToWebinar or Zoom and such?
10 - In Zoom there are audio-settings that facilitate online music lessons. My course has to do with music as well. Therefore: can the audio settings be adjusted/optimized for this purpose in Meetings (assuming that Meetings is the best choice for Q&A as Zoom alternative - otherwise the same question about Showtime).
11 - Do my students/potential clients/participants need a Zoho-account in order to be able to login into the webinar or meeting ("Zoom") session? 

Thank you very much for your feedback and suggestions!

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