ShowTime's Guest Trainer feature is here: invite domain experts to your training

ShowTime's Guest Trainer feature is here: invite domain experts to your training

Seeking a fresh perspective to enhance your virtual events? Looking for a multi-disciplinary approach to stimulate critical thinking among your learners? Zoho ShowTime introduces the Guest Trainer feature to help you broaden your course's range and invite external experts as speakers to a live training session. 
Having a guest trainer will make the session even more attractive to your prospects as they'll be excited to learn from multiple industry experts. Your guest speakers can also promote the session in their professional circles, helping you reach a much broader audience base. 
Here are few steps to help guide you through adding a guest trainer to a session. 
To add a guest trainer:
1. Click Add Guest trainer under the Trainer section.

2. Enter the Name and email address of the guest trainer.

You can also add the guest trainer's profile picture and credentials to generate a buzz by showcasing their achievements and credibility. 

The assigned guest trainer will be notified via email. Once they accept the email invitation, they can access the training from the general session webpage that is displayed. 

During a session, the guest trainer can do the following:
  • Conduct the session using audio/video
  • Create, edit and launch polls
  • Answer live questions raised by attendees
  • Chat with the participants via the common chat room and private chat room
  • Share the presentation and use Screenshare
Note: The guest trainer can conduct the session using audio/video and share the presentation and use Screenshare only after a Session Host transfers control. Kindly refer to this guide for further information.
We hope that ShowTime's new Guest Trainer feature can be a great tool for the improvement of your virtual trainings, because it offers a new perspective and variety in the way the sessions are conducted. In ShowTime, the Guest Trainer feature is available from the Professional plan onwards and you can have up to two (Professional plan) or three guest trainers per session (Enterprise plan). Please try out the feature and share how this new update works for you in delivering a better virtual event experience to the audience, the trainer, and even the guest speaker. 

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