Single Portal for Multiple Apps

Single Portal for Multiple Apps


I'm just getting started with Zoho and I'm very overwhelmed.

I am currently using the free trial of Zoho One, but if I can figure it out, I intend to upgrade to the paid version. Zoho One, of course, gives me  access to an entire suite of services/applications.

One of the things I'd like to do is have a single place for clients (customers?) to log in and view current projects, invoices, contact information, etc. A single login for my clients. A single portal.

I've come across documentation for client/customer portals for Zoho Books, Zoho Projects, Zoho Creator, and (I think) Zoho CRM. There may be more and I haven't found them yet.

Is there a way to have a single portal that integrates all these services?

And how to the clients access the portal for any of these? (Or, ideally, a single, integrated option?) That wasn't clear in the documentation.

On a side note.... is there documentation for getting started with Zoho One - something that gives documentation for getting started with the entire suite of services/apps?

Thank you!
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              We've previously written about how using security policies could be beneficial for admins. To enable you to better protect your organization, we've come up with a few additional settings for security policies in Zoho One that can be used to regulate your users' web sessions. What are web sessions? A web session refers to the period of time you stay signed in to your Zoho One account. You create a new web session every time you sign in to Zoho One (or any of its included apps), and this session exists

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