Smart Hiring Made Easy: Experience our Optimized Chatbot

Smart Hiring Made Easy: Experience our Optimized Chatbot

We're thrilled to announce that Zoho Recruit's Chatbot has received an exciting update! With this enhancement, recruiters will have access to even more features that will help them passively find the best candidates for their open positions. Listed below are the complete set of updates we have made to the feature.

Multi-attachment support

Candidates can now upload more than one attachment. As of this update, recruiters can get multiple files from candidates through the chatbot. This means that candidates can now upload multiple files such as resumes, cover letters, and certificates, which will make it easier for recruiters to get a comprehensive understanding of the candidate.


  • Helps you get a more complete picture of the candidate's skills and experience.
  • Candidates can showcase their skills and experience with more than one document, giving them a better chance of being considered for the position.

Improved Compliance

We've made it so that candidates provide consent for the information they submit via the chatbot. This will save recruiters from a lot of legal trouble and ensure that they are always following proper legal procedures when it comes to data privacy. By requiring consent from candidates, we're ensuring that recruiters can use Zoho Recruit with confidence, knowing that they are complying with all necessary regulations.


  • Protects you from potential legal trouble and ensures your processes follow proper legal procedures.
  • Provides candidates with more transparency and control over the data they share, which can improve their trust in your recruitment process.

Job Details

Candidates can now view relevant details about job openings within the bot. Upon clicking on an open position, they are shown a card view of the position containing relevant details. This feature will help candidates get a better understanding of the job requirements and will allow them to make more informed decisions when applying for a position.


  • Candidates can make more informed decisions about the positions they apply for, increasing their chances of success in the recruitment process.
  • Recruiters can benefit from receiving applications from more qualified candidates who have a better understanding of the position requirements.

Enhanced File Upload

We've improved upload times so candidates can apply for jobs quicker, thereby improving the total candidate experience. With this update, candidates can now apply for a job with ease, thanks to faster upload times. This means that they can apply for more jobs in less time, increasing their chances of finding their dream job.


  • Faster upload times can lead to more applications from candidates, which can help recruiters find the right candidates for their open positions more quickly.
  • Candidates can apply for more jobs in less time, increasing their chances of finding the right job for them.

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

We've fixed bugs found after the release of this feature and improved response times for the chatbot's conversational abilities. Our team has been working hard to ensure that the chatbot is running smoothly and that any bugs or issues are quickly resolved. With these performance improvements, the chatbot will be able to respond faster and provide a better overall experience for both recruiters and candidates.


  • A smoother chatbot experience can improve candidate satisfaction and make the recruitment process more efficient.
  • Faster response times can save recruiters time and effort, allowing them to focus on other important tasks.
We're excited about this update and believe that it will be a game-changer for recruiters looking to find the best candidates for their open positions. With these enhancements, recruiters can now get more information from candidates, while ensuring that they are following proper legal procedures. Candidates, on the other hand, will benefit from faster upload times, access to additional job details, and an improved overall experience. Kindly read our help article if you need help configuring the feature. 

At Zoho Recruit, we're committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience, and we believe that this update is a step in the right direction. We hope that these enhancements will help our customers find the best candidates for their open positions, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

Questions? Suggestions? Leave a comment or reach out to us at

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