SMS Campaigns, the new feature to look out for in Zoho Campaigns

SMS Campaigns, the new feature to look out for in Zoho Campaigns

Hello everyone!


The wait is over! No more fretting over sending short messages in emails or choosing a medium to send casual reminders to the contacts. Zoho Campaigns presents to you, 'SMS Campaigns', a feature that will allow you to connect with your contacts in a new way. You can send them short yet effective messages so that they can stay connected with your brand amidst their busy schedule. The best part is that you can use it as a solo approach. You can also trim down your email campaign's content and send it out to your contacts as SMS messages.  

Some important features to guide you through the feature:


Send messages to your contacts' mobile phones:

Choose an SMS Gateway and enable your browser to send SMS messages to mobile phones. Reach out to as many contacts as possible.


You can use emoticons and links in your short messages. SMS Campaigns allows you to include 500 characters in an SMS message. You can send this message at once or you can send it in parts, each part will house up to 160 characters. You can send such messages in batches for better engagement. 

Recipients and fields:

Decide on who gets to receive your messages. You can select the appropriate lists and send them SMS messages at a time best suited. You can map your contacts as per their location or their contact numbers. 


SMS Campaigns will fetch you detailed reports about your campaigns' performance over a period. You can check the amount of activities your campaign garnered. You can also evaluate by comparing campaigns. 

Let us know about your experiences with the new feature!


Susmit Sen

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