Snippet issues

Snippet issues

1) you can only create, delete, and edit snippets while making a reply.  That means if I want to create a snippet, i have to enter a ticket and then click "reply".  Does this make any sense at all?  There should be a stand alone page for making canned responses.

2) if I have a long snippet (I have some that are extremely long actally), then when I go to the snippet and hover over the text, it expands the text and scrolls the overlay up so that the end of the snippet is at the bottom of the screen - this pushes the title of the snippet off the top of the screen.

2B) I can scroll up to get back to the title, but when I do, depending on exactly how long I hover the mouse in one spot (for example, right at the top of the snippet text) it will repeat 2 above, pushing the snippet title up off the screen.

3) if I move the mouse off the long-text snippet, it will "bounce back" but not in a location that makes sense

4) if you have a bunch of long snippets, navigating through the snippet menu is absolutely ridiculous, because zoho keeps wanting to expand snippets, slide the screen around, reduce the expanded selections, etc. all per the above descriptions.

If I were to have designed this, I would

A) never have had snippets automatically expand to the full text length.  That would be an option on hover-over

B) Create a page where snippets could be created and managed outside of a ticket creation window

C) Allow sorting of snippets

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