Stage component in Zoho CRM | Public Early Access 2023

Stage component in Zoho CRM | Public Early Access 2023

Hello All,

We hope you're well! We are thrilled to introduce you to Stage component in Zoho CRM. This is a public early access feature and is available to customers upon request. Please submit your request for early access by filling this form. 

Analytics is at the epicenter of every successful business out there. It shows the reality about their performance, helps identify bottlenecks, and facilitates confident decision-making. It is a guidepost for continual business growth.

Zoho CRM has about nine types of analytical components —comparator, KPI, chart, target meter, funnel, anomaly detector, cohort, quadrant, and zone to conduct different types of useful analyses. Joining this list is a brand new component called the Stage component.

Let's learn more!

Your business is made up of several processes with prominent stages. The sales pipeline is a classic example and its stages like prospecting, qualifying, negotiation, and closure act as milestones. Another example could be the lead management process and its stages like lead generation, enrichment, scoring, distribution, and nurturing. These stages help you record progress and track conversions in your process. Thus, these stages act as a testimony to your records' behavior. It reveals direct conversions, spillage, and stagnation in your process.

Now, for a business to sail successfully, it has to be sure of its conversion, stagnation, and spillage across each of its stages, simultaneously. It should know at which stage, your leads are stagnating, at which stage there are direct conversions, and what is causing the delay in convergence are different perspectives a business has to thoroughly cover, before developing new strategies. That is something the all-new stage component can help you with.

Stage component in Zoho CRM

Stage component is an extension of the funnel-type component and it shows conversion, stagnation, and spillage at each stage of a process. It will also highlight the number of direct conversions happening at each stage and overall win rates.

Here's how a basic stage component will look like. Its called the basic staircase.

Basic staircase
The basic staircase aims at showing the total number of records present in each stage. It will show how the records have advanced to the next stage, the conversion rate, and the overall win rate. If there are records that directly converted or dropped out of a stage—those insights are also highlighted

Let's look at the sales pipeline, for example. An ideal pipeline has the following stages:
  • Lead qualification
  • Analysis
  • Value proposition
  • Negotiation
  • Decision making
  • Deal won or Deal lost

Here, the target stages are deal won and deal lost and the rest of them are transitioning stages.

From the above image you can infer the following:
  • There are about 2000 deals in the qualification stage and out of them 80 were directly moved to the closed won stage and about 120 were directly lost. Here, 80 records are marked deal won directly and 120 records are lost at the very stage (also known as, spillage).
  • In the next stage, the needs analysis stage, you can see how from 2000 records, about 1600 records are transmitted with an 80% conversion rate. Even from here, there are direct conversions and dropouts.

Likewise, the basic staircase shows you the conversion and spillage observed across the stages in your process.

To have a deep dive into insights, the stage component also boasts three other representations. They are
  • Advanced staircase
  • Tabular view
  • Stacked view

Using these representations, you can closely analyze your process flow, stage by stage.

Advanced staircase
The advanced staircase provides intricate details about process flow at each stage. It shows all the desired metrics like conversion to the neighboring stages, direct conversions, drop-outs, stagnation, and delayed conversions. It is a useful tool to understand record behavior.

Let's say, the time limit to qualify a prospect is 3 days. Based on this average time frame, the advanced staircase will categorize the record flow into four types:
  • Moved: Records that are moved to another stage within the stipulated average time.
  • Moved with delay: Records that are moved to another stage after the average time.
  • Waiting: Records that are within the average time frame, yet to be moved to another stage.
  • Stalled: Records that are inactive without movement and crossed the average duration stipulated.

From the above image, you can infer the following:
  • There were about 2000 records in the qualification stage. Out of the 2000 records,
    • 100 is stalled during qualification.
    • 100 is waiting for qualification to happen. Ideally, they are in the average duration determined for that stage.
    • 500 moved to another stage, but moved after the duration.
    • 1300 moved to another stage within the time limit.

Also, from the 2000 overall records in qualification stage, 80 directly reached the target stage and won the deal and 120 records were directly marked closed lost. Likewise, you can see how 2000 records traversed through different stages to be a final 100 with a 19% overall win rate.

This is a great way to understand in what fashion the records are moving within and amongst the stages in your process.

Tabular view
The tabular view is an alternative representation of the advanced staircase. It displays the count of records in a particular stage under categories like Moved, waiting, stalled, won, and lost, as a table.

Stacked bars
This chart is a split between categories. The categories moved and moved with delay; won and lost; and waiting and stalled are clubbed together to understand the record flow.

How is a stage component configured?
In Zoho CRM, stages are captured using pick list fields. The stage component is able to monitor the conversion, stagnation, and spillage, because of thehistory tracking enabled in a picklist. Thus, before you start configuring the stage component, ensure you have enabled picklist history tracking, and that you have a minimum of two picklist values to up to 50 values.

Configuring stage components:
The stage component can be created from the list of dashboard components available in Zoho CRM.

  1. Select the component Stage from the list of dashboard components.

  2. Select the desired styles—basic staircase, advanced staircase, tabular view, stacked bars.

  3. On the configuration page,

  • Give a component name.
  • Select the module, picklist fields, and the pipeline.
    Only those picklist fields with tracking enabled will be listed and pipelines are displayed only for the deals module and if you have enabled multiple pipelines.
  • Select the duration you like to view the analysis for.
  • Add criteria, if desired.
  • Add the target stages. In the case of deals, won/ loss are two target stages. However, if you have chosen another picklist field (For example: lead status), you can define any value as a target stage.
  • Click Save.

If you have chosen the advanced stair case or tabular view or stacked bars, represent the stalled stage:

  • Mention the average duration for a record to stay on a stage.
    A minimum of one day is mandatory. You can give the same average for all stages or define duration for each stage.

Now, based on your configuration, the stage component will start displaying the record flow for the period.

  • Stage component is available for organizations in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.
  • Picklist tracking can be applied for only one field in a module. For that reason, you can build a chart for one picklist field only for a module.

  • We are developing additional representations to run a granular analysis.
  • We are also developing the ability to view those records in a particular stage, by clicking on a particular stage.

That's all about stage component—for now. We hope this new addition will add value to your business. Thanks and have a good one! 
Please submit your request for early access by filling this form. 

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