Supercharge your operator productivity by leveraging the power of OpenAI in Zoho SalesIQ

Supercharge your operator productivity by leveraging the power of OpenAI in Zoho SalesIQ

Heads-up: The OpenAI integration is currently available only for users in (US, IN EU, AU and JP region). We will be rolling it out to other regions soon.

From complex neuroscience to simple note-taking, AI has seeped through every part of human lives, and we can only assume it is to stay with us and become a part of our lives moving forward. AI has revolutionized how businesses operate; many companies have already implemented AI in their core operations, saving hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars due to its effectiveness and efficiency. 

When we implemented AI features in Zoho SalesIQ, we had to prioritize functionality and reliability over features that are merely trendy. So, for this first phase, our focus was customer support.

Here are the features that have been enhanced by AI:

Become a better scriber with AI  

We have introduced a new module in the operator chat window called Writing Assistant powered by OpenAI. Using this, your operators can send better responses to customers. Proofreading is one of the most tiresome jobs, but with the Writing Assistant, you can quickly proofread for spelling, grammar, and tone.


What can it do?
  • Rephrase - Paraphrase to enrich the message.
  • Shorten - Shorten the message to make the content crisp.
  • Expand - Make the message longer to offer a more comprehensive explanation.
  • Revise - Checks of grammar and spelling errors in the message.

Conversation summary for quick understanding and recap  

Our new feature Summarize powered by OpenAI, will help you get a condensed overview of the entire conversation in actionable points.

How can this help?

  • Get a quick overview or recap of the conversation. Operators can skim through previous conversations to contextual assistance.
  • Admins and analysts can now skim through customer chats 10 times faster.
  • It can mitigate the need for operators to make conversation overview notes for admins, allowing them to focus on noting down critical drivers. 

Quick Tag Suggestions for Better Classification

Tagging can be one of the most compelling features of Zoho SalesIQ when categorizing your conversations. Using Tags, analysts and admins can get in-depth insights into the conversation; it can also be used to understand customer behaviors and trends at a glance.

But manually tagging all the conversations can be tiresome, even more so if you have many untagged chats and want to add tags.

With the tags generation feature, OpenAI can analyze conversations and assign tags to them. You can choose one or both of these options for tag generation.
  1. Generate and suggest tags - This option allows you to generate new tags or assign existing based on the conversation and assign them with the help of OpenAI.
  2. Auto-assign tags - This option automatically assigns tags based on the conversation once ended.
Power Up Your Chatbots with ChatGPT  

Take your chatbots to the next level and give them a boost by connecting them directly with ChatGPT, allowing your users to communicate directly with the AI. This feature can enrich your automated conversations by allowing users to ask general questions about your business domain or questions that are outside your area of expertise. With AI in the picture, your chatbots can become smart assistants that keep your visitors engaged.

Here is an example on how you can use the block in your chatbot:

Assuming you run a car retail business, you can set up the this block to help visitors with general questions about cars or how they work. ChatGPT can intuitively assist your visitors with these questions.

With features like the Writing Assistant, Summarize, and Tag generation, businesses can improve efficiency, accuracy, and personalization. As AI technology improves and becomes more reliable, we will be looking forward to further automating features of Zoho SalesIQ.

We hope that these features would add great value to operators and admins and to provide optimal support for your users. We are not stopping with this, as AI evolves and becomes more reliable we will be adding more AI based features or core functions of Zoho SalesIQ. Until then, please use this integration and let us know your suggestions. We are happy to hear back from you.

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Caution: Please be aware of the privacy concerns of using OpenAI. We prioritize protecting user data and encourage users to read more about OpenAI privacy policies. Read More.

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