Support Desk and KCS workflow

Support Desk and KCS workflow

Hello. I am evaluating Zoho Support Desk for our company. 

One area that is important for us is around the integration of the knowledge base so we can track the re-use rate of solutions by linking them to each Ticket. If you are familiar with the KCS model, then you know the importance of being able to link and re-use KB solutions for both your request management workflow and your community workflow...same concept used when linking escalated defects to a Ticket so you can quickly provide reports that show product hot spots for your product teams. Anyway... 

Can ZOHO Support Desk:

1. In some manner be able to allow the Ticket owner to search the KB from the Ticket itself, maybe with the enterprise version or through some customization on the Ticket? If the Ticket owner can search for a KB solution and link to the Ticket. Huge gain in efficiency and reporting on which KB solutions are trending, most used, great for FAQ, etc.

2. Is there a way to assign a number to a KB solution? If question 1 cannot be automated, if a number can be assigned to the KB solution then this number could be linked to a Ticket. This would allow us to track KB solutions re-use rates, helping us make sure that our KB is providing the correct ROI. Reports pulled to show the number of Tickets linked to KB solutions is the end goal.

Both Microsoft CRM and offer KCS workflows to help improve knowledge share between internal and external users. Is ZOHO Support Desk moving in this direction? 

If anyone can help provide some suggested workflow to help manage through the KCS model, I would appreciate the help. If this can be done through deeper customization then that is fine. 


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