Table settings UI to clear attributes not working

Table settings UI to clear attributes not working

This concerns the otherwise impressive and useful UI to set attributes for tables, row, cells. It seems that the features that allow clearing (unsetting) the attributes don't work. Examples:
  • For table, row and cell, the control "swatch" that sets background colors has an [x] button that clears the swatch, but doesn't clear the attribute of the table/row/cell.
  • For table and cell, the UI control that sets width has no way to clear the width. You can delete the contents of the Width edit box, but that does not remove the width from the object.

The workaround is to switch the editor to plain html mode, and manually edit out the unwanted attribute. However, on long and complicated pages, this can be difficult, not to mention error prone.  Sure would be great if these UI elements worked!

My reference id: GWZ1034

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