Thanksgiving ideas for a successful holiday and boost in business

Thanksgiving ideas for a successful holiday and boost in business

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and it's not just an occasion to express thanks to your loved ones but also the beginning of one of the busiest holiday shopping season of the year in the United States starting from Thanksgiving day, Black Friday to Cyber Monday. Clothing and accessories, toys, gift cards, and books are amongst the most popular gifts purchased over the Thanksgiving weekend. So, if you run a business, November is the month of harvest, and now is the perfect time to update your online forms and drive traffic to your e-commerce store to get satisfying results, while competing with large businesses.

Encourage your customers to give back 

Thanksgiving is a holiday centered around giving, making it the ideal time to host a charitable event. Regardless of the type of online store you run, connect with your customers by linking a charity to your business. For example, you can host a Thanksgiving food drive using a Volunteer application form and help families and children in need. This will also help build your reputation in the market of your business.

Use Thanksgiving themes for your forms and website

Having a simple sign up form on your website? Attract potential leads by offering Thanksgiving discounts on signing up and adorn your form in a suitable theme. 

And after they sign up, express you gratitude with a personalized Thank You page to appreciate their interest. Remember, even a simple Happy Thanksgiving! message can add a human element to your business and work wonders in connecting with your customers. From using form responses to personalize the Thank You message to changing the color of the font and icon, Zoho Forms offers a fully customizable Thank You page.

Some ideas for Thanksgiving themes include festive elements like maple leaves, turkey, a black theme for Black Friday and any warm shades of fall colors like brown or orange.

Trigger auto-responder emails to share thanksgiving wishes & offers

Send auto-responder emails to thank your customers for placing their order and trust in you. Thanksgiving is a start to the holiday shopping, so in addition to your gratitude in the email content, you can promote your holiday deals, offers, discounts, and freebies coming up and boost your holiday sales. Launch early deals to foreshadow your Thanksgiving sale, and prosper in the market even before the main sale begins.

De-stress your customers with a Thanksgiving buffet

Running a restaurant and cooking up ideas to boost your sales? Offer a special Thanksgiving menu for the holiday season and attract busy customers who hardly find time to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner for their loved ones! Offer table reservations, to manage your restaurant space over the Thanksgiving weekend. 

Host Thanksgiving contests and giveaways on your Website

Hosting Thanksgiving giveaways is one of the best strategies to attract holiday shoppers to your online business and build relationship with them. Knowing that they have a chance to win a prize on ordering from you will more likely engage your customers with your website and make them order the products right away. Roasts, hams, pizzas, pies, candies, and decorative pieces are perennial favorites for Thanksgiving giveaways. 

You can even select specific items from various stores to create a one-of-a-kind gift hamper as a giveaway and home deliver them, or offer a gift card. Let your customers know what the prize is and how they can win it on your order form. 

You can host different contests like sharing interesting food recipes, or Thanksgiving decor photos. Add contest entry forms to your website to collect email addresses and generate new leads with each submission. Further, when people share contest entries on their own social profiles, it tends to raise awareness of your business among their individual followers.

Freebies tend to make customers more happier than discounts! List out your loyal customers and offer them a free product from your business to express your gratitude and ensure they understand why they are receiving it.

Happy Thanksgiving!🍁

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