The lower the Response time the higher the customer satisfaction.

The lower the Response time the higher the customer satisfaction.

The support executives can handle only a limited number of chats at a time and will be under pressure if more chats routed to them. And the response time will rapidly increase by attending all the chats at a time. So how to decrease the time of reply and limit the chats routed to each executive at a time?

SalesIQ has an exciting feature "User concurrent chat limit"  which will route only the number of chats you set to receive at a time by your support executives.

Customers will always expect to receive a prompt reply or keep informed if you are busy than having received a late reply. Keeping the response time low will always get you a great customer satisfaction, which indeed increase the reputation of your company.

What is the User Concurrent Chat Limit?

The User concurrent chat limit allows you to set the maximum number of simultaneous chats for a user at a particular time. On reaching the limit, the user status will be changed to engaged. And, the chats will be routed to the other available support executives. If all the support executives reached the maximum limit, then the chat widget will go offline until any one of the executives ends the existing chat conversation.

Let me explain you with an example:

I have five support executives to handle queries on my website. Due to heavy incoming chat flow, the quality of the chats went awful and the response time was very high.

The executives could not solve the queries quickly as they attend too many customers at the same time. Which lead to bad reviews, complaints, and dissatisfaction among the customers.

Then, I used the "user concurrent chat limit" option in SalesIQ to limit the chat each support executive receive at a time, and also planned to increase the count of the Support Executives.

Where to set the User concurrent chat limit?

  1. Login to SalesIQ
  2. Navigate to the Settings -> Portal Settings tab
  3. In User Availability Configuration section -> User concurrent chat limit, select the chat limit in the drop down.

My support executives can handle three chats at a time. So, I set the limit as 3 in the User Concurrent Chat Limit.

Now the support executive's status will change as engaged after receiving three chats. They will not receive any new chats till they end one of their existing conversation.

Once they end any current conversation, again their status will change as available and receive new chats.

If all support executives reach their chat limit, then the visitor will see the offline message until any one of the executives ends the existing conversation.

How can this help my team?

  1. To extend a quick support to the customer, which rapidly lower the response time and increase the customer satisfaction and reputation.
  2. The workload of the support executives has been split by serving an equal number of chats to everyone at a time.
  3. Also, removes the distraction from the constant incoming chats and can help them to concentrate on the chats assigned to them.

Visit our user guide  to learn more about the Portal settings .

To get more feature updates and usage tips, please follow our Announcements section in

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Step 2 : The Announcement section appears, click on the Follow Announcements link.



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