The new Zoho Sheet for Android: Seamless UI and advanced features

The new Zoho Sheet for Android: Seamless UI and advanced features

At Zoho Sheet, we know mobile apps have become the go-to platforms for creating, sharing, and storing information. And we understand the importance of an efficient and seamless app experience. We've been working hard on improving the overall user experience of our app and bringing you some exciting new features, and now, we're happy to announce our revamped app for Android devices.

UI improvements in the Android app 

Enjoy a superior user experience in Zoho Sheet for Android on your mobile devices, tablets, and Chromebooks. With this update, we have improved the external keyboard support, shortcuts, and user experience with side panes in Chromebooks and tablets.

Feature additions 

- Thumbnail view

View your spreadsheets in thumbnail mode, in addition to list view, to easily preview your spreadsheet data.

- RichText

Apply various RichText formats to the cell values, and hyperlink text inside cells without any hassle.

- Multi-account support

The Zoho Sheet Android app now supports multiple user accounts. Instantly switch between your accounts and access spreadsheets on the go.

- Mark as final

Prevent your spreadsheet from being edited further by marking it as final. Once you mark the spreadsheet as final, the file will be switched to read-only mode. You can re-enable editing anytime.

- Spreadsheet properties

Access comprehensive details of spreadsheets you created or those shared with you. View the spreadsheet owner, collaborators, version, access type, elements present, number of associated sheets, and more.

- Date/time picker

Use the new Date/Time Picker to quickly insert the current date and time, or any desired date and time into your spreadsheet.

- Notifications

Our in-app notifications keep you up-to-date about the changes made or comments added to spreadsheets shared with you.

Other enhancements include separate tabs for the Data and Function menus, and the ability to switch between multiple organizations in your WorkDrive account.

Update to the latest version of the Zoho Sheet Android app, and let us know about your experience in the comment section below.

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