The "Reason for loss" field in the Deals module is now a picklist field

The "Reason for loss" field in the Deals module is now a picklist field

Dear All,

We hope you're well!

We are pleased to announce that we have updated the "Reason for loss" field as a system-defined picklist field.


Currently in Zoho CRM, when a deal is lost, the reason for the loss is collected as a descriptive form and those detailed reasons are added to the deal record as notes.

Since the reason for the loss is recorded as notes, it cannot be viewed in list view or filtered. As a result, the precise reason for the loss is uncertain.

For this situation to be resolved, users can now specify a specific reason for losing the deal, rather than simply making descriptive notes on the reason for loss. This will help the user in better consolidating the reason for
the loss.

Dependency with Deal Stages :

The "Reason for loss" field's visibility is dependent upon the Stage field. The reason for loss will only be shown when certain deal stages fall within the "Closed Lost" deal category in the stage-probability mapping.

You can customize the stages and mapping according to your requirement.


"Reason for loss" field properties: 


The field provides predefined options that can be customized as per an organization's requirements. You may add new fields, edit existing fields or delete them. 

For existing users: The picklist field will be accessible in the "Unused fields" section on the Deals module. Users can manually add them to the layout to permanently replace the "Reason for loss" descriptive field. In case the user continues to use the layout without making any changes, the prevailing descriptive field will be removed automatically within December 2, 2022.

For new sign-ups: The field will be present in the layout by default and the description field will be removed.



PS :

  • If the user is already having a custom picklist field created for managing reason for loss, this new feature will not conflict with the existing field. It will be there in the unused section.

  • The lost deals, for which the reason of loss has previously been noted in the notes, will continue to be present in the Notes section.

Thats all about the enhancements. 



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