Tip #1: Convert form responses into Zoho CRM leads

Tip #1: Convert form responses into Zoho CRM leads

How to convert a form submission into an entry for your Zoho CRM account?

If CRM software is designed to help you handle your business easily, that means getting data into it should also be easy. Fortunately our Zoho Forms integration with Zoho CRM makes turning form submissions into CRM entries a snap. This article will show you how to create a new record in your Zoho CRM account using a form entry.

Setting up an integration

Once you've created the form , setting up an integration between the form and the CRM module is all it takes. In our integration setup, you need to choose each of the following: 
  • Module (Lead, contact, deals, contact, calls, events, notes, or custom)
  • Layout (Standard or custom layouts)
  • Field (Which of the CRM fields should be populated by form inputs)
For example, let's assume you've embedded a Contact Form on your home page and you want to collect the leads. You'll need to map the values (Name, Email, Contact Number) that have to be carried for each created record. Check out this document to see which Zoho CRM fields can be mapped with the form fields.

Directly adding the form entry as a new record in Zoho CRM

On every successful form submission, the mapped form inputs are passed into your mapped CRM module. If you are an offline team using mobile forms to collect data, the data that is stored offline will fall into your CRM when the data is synced on an internet connection. 

Adding a new record only upon manual approval 

If you want to manually filter entries before they pass into your CRM module, follow the below procedure.
While setting up the integration, enable the Approval option. Upon this, the submitted form entries will fall into the Approval in Zoho CRM instead of being added straight away. You will find these entries under the Approval list inside your CRM, and only upon your manual confirmation will they be added into the mapped CRM module.

The talk does not end here. In our upcoming series, we'll discuss how different workflows in Zoho Forms can help you work efficiently with Zoho CRM.

Stay tuned!

If you have any questions or feedback to share, feel free to comment below or  drop us an email at  support@zohoforms.com.

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